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Hearings And The Appeals Process
Any time we reduce or deny your benefits, we mail you an Administrative Decision.  If you do not agree with the decision, you have the right to have the decision reviewed through the appeals process, which means you can have a hearing.  Your employer has the same right in some situations if a decision allows benefits.
We include a form with each decision which you can use to request a hearing.  Administrative decisions become final twenty (20) days after we mail them, so do not wait if you want a hearing.  You may request a hearing by mailing or faxing the form to the Office of Administrative Hearings or by calling a UI Center.
Please continue to claim weekly benefits for each week you remain unemployed.  If you win your hearing, you may be able to receive benefits for these weeks.
Hearings are held by telephone and are recorded.  An Administrative law Judge (ALJ), a neutral judge of the facts in your case, conducts the hearing.  Statements are taken under oath.  The ALJ will mail a decision based on what you, your employer and any witnesses say at the hearing as well as any written material you present.
The Office of Administrative Hearings will schedule your hearing and mail you a notice of the day and time of the hearing along with instructions for connecting your telephone to the hearing.  Please notify both the Office of Administrative Hearings and your Unemployment Insurance Center if your address or phone number change after you request a hearing.
Hearings are informal.  You can, but do not have to, obtain legal representation.  We can make special arrangements if you are hearing-impaired or need a special accommodation.
If you disagree with the hearings decision, you can appeal it to the Employment Appeals Board.  Follow the instructions for requesting a review which are included with the hearing decision.  The Employment Appeals Board reviews only the recording and the documents from the hearing.  They mail a decision to you and your employer after they complete their review.  If you disagree with this decision, you can appeal it to the Oregon Court of Appeals and further appellate courts.
For more information on the hearings process, please visit the Office of Administrative Hearings’ web site.  There you can find informational videos on how to prepare your case  and what to expect during your hearing.