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Veterans Programs for Employers

Services for Employers

What does the Veterans Program offer me?
Thousands of highly-trained and qualified military veterans are rotating back into the civilian labor pool. The Employment Department´s Veterans Representatives work with employers who want to hire the best trained workforce in the country.
Veterans seeking work apply for services with the Employment Department. Their information is keyed into our statewide computer system called iMatchSkills for matching the veterans skills with open job orders. Veterans are given priority of service by law. They are the first to be considered for openings and the best qualified veteran applicants are referred to the employer.
Veteran representatives market their veterans to employers who may have openings in the future. The veteran representative may contact an employer who hires for specific jobs to market an individual veteran who possesses the requisite skills, or is interested in gaining those skills through an on-the-job training program.

If I am a federal Contractor, do I have any special requirements?
Yes, federal contractors (for procurement of personal property or non-personal services including construction) who have a federal contract of at least $100,000 with the federal government must take affirmative action to hire and promote qualified special disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam-era, and any other veterans who served on active duty during a war or were awarded a campaign badge or expeditionary medal. This requirement is covered under Title 38 Chapter 42 of the US Code. We call this the Federal Contractor Job Listing (FCJL) requirement.

Title 38 Chapter 42 section 4212 states:
In addition to requiring affirmative action to employ such veterans the President shall implement the provisions of this section by requiring:
  1. each such contractor undertake to list immediately with the local employment service office, all of its employment openings except that the contractor may exclude openings for executive and top management positions, positions which are to be filled from within the contractor´s organization, and positions lasting three days or less, and
  2. each such local office shall give such veterans priority in referral to such employment openings.
What this means is when a contractor accepts a federal contract exceeding $100,000, they agree to contact their local Employment Department office to place a job order to fill jobs that last longer than three days, are not going to be filled from within and are not executive or top management positions. The local Employment Department office will first try to send qualified veterans to meet the employers´ requirements before sending other qualified applicants.

If I am a subcontractor, am I still under obligation to comply?
Yes. The provisions of Title 38 Chapter 42 section 4212, shall apply to any subcontract entered into by a prime contractor in carrying out any contract for the procurement of personal property and non-personal services (including construction) for the United States government.
Who should I contact if I want to place a job order?
Contact you nearest Employment Department office. Most offices have employer lines that you can select from their automated answering system.
You can also list your job openings online with iMatchSkills recruiting tool.

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Employer Support

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Local Veterans Employer Representatives

City  Contact Telephone E-mail
Bend Jim Sehorn 541-388-6495   Jim.Sehorn@oregon.gov
Tualatin John Concepcion 503-612-4238 John.T.Concepcion@oregon.gov
Salem Shannon Langley​ 503-947-1845​ shannon.l.langley@oregon.gov
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