October 2012

The past several months have been busy ones for the Employment Relations Board. Among other things, the Board has: 

·         Reduced the length of time to issue Recommended and Final Orders. As of October 15, 2012:
– no Recommended Order has been pending for more than 100 days from the date on which the record closed (the average is 38 days); and 
– no Final Order has been pending for more than 109 days from the date on which the case was submitted to the Board (usually
the date on which oral argument was held; the average is 45 days).

·         Met with stakeholders. On April 5, at the LERC conference, and on June 5, at the ERB offices, Board members met with interested stakeholders to solicit and discuss suggestions for improvements in the Board’s processes. The meeting resulted in some excellent suggestions. Board members will continue to meet with groups of labor and management representatives to ask for input on how Board operations can be improved.

·         Developed and implemented a process to evaluate Recommended and Final Orders. The Oregon Legislature charged the Board with the responsibility to review recent orders to evaluate their quality and suggest improvements. A committee of interested individuals met, developed criteria to evaluate orders, selected orders to be evaluated and designated evaluators to read and rate the orders selected. The evaluation process is underway and will be completed by January 2013.

·         Formed an Advisory Committee to recommend changes in Board administrative rules. Volunteers were recruited for an Advisory Committee to meet and recommend changes in the Board rules for contested case hearings. The group will hold its first meeting on October 25 at the Board offices. 

Finally, the Board is proud to endorse the Oregon Chapter of the Labor Relations Association (LERA) conference, which will be held on November 15 at the World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon. Please go to the LERA website here for more information about and to register for the conference.

Susan Rossiter, Board Chair
Kathryn A. Logan, Board Member
Jason M. Weyand, Board Member