Filing Card Check Petitions (CC, CU)
Card Check (CC) Petitions - Unrepresented Employees Seek Representation Without an Election
(Filed by Employee, Employee Group or Labor Organization)
Card Check (CU) Petitions - Unrepresented Employees Seek to be Included in Existing Bargaining Unit Without an Election (Filed by Employee or Group of Employees, or filed jointly with Labor Organization)
CC and CU petitions filed under OAR 115-025-0000 (1)(c) to certify a public employee collective bargaining representative without an election may be filed if:
  • no labor organization is currently certified or recognized as the exclusive representative of any employee in the proposed unit, and
  • a majority (more than 50%) of the employees in a proposed bargaining unit have signed authorization cards which comply with OAR 115-025-0065(2).
There is no fee to file a petition. Staff can answer questions about procedures and applicable laws and rules but cannot provide legal advice.
A petition form may be requested from ERB at (503) 378-6471, by Email at Emprel.board, or at the following link: Petition for Representation or Unit Changes
To complete the CC or CU petition form, follow the same steps below:
Section 1 - check the box for either "CC” or “CU” - Certification Without Election.
Section 2 (reverse side of form) - provide contact information for you, the petitioner, and for the employer and employer’s representative.

Section 3 - does not apply.
Section 4 - describe the proposed bargaining unit, or the existing unit and the proposed change.
Section 5 – provide the number of employees in the proposed unit.

Section 6 and 7 - these sections do not apply.

Section 8 – provide any other relevant information relating to this petition.

Authorization Cards (Showing of Interest)
More than 50 percent of the employees in either the proposed bargaining unit must sign a “showing of interest” form. The form must state that the individuals who sign desire to be represented by the petitioner for purposes of collective bargaining and that the individuals are aware they may be foregoing an election. The showing of interest must be in the form of individual cards arranged alphabetically from a majority of the employees in the proposed unit, and the cards must be signed and dated within the 180 days prior to filing the petition.
Sample Authorization Card
      I desire to be represented by [name of labor organization] for the purposes of collective bargaining with [name of public employer]. I am aware that my signature may be used to obtain certification without an election.
Employee Name (Printed)
Employee Signature
Date Employee Signed
Employee Job Title
File your petition via US Mail or deliver to:
Elections Coordinator
Oregon Employment Relations Board
Old Garfield School Building
528 Cottage St. NE, Ste 400
Salem, OR 97301-3807