Breaking the Cycle of Family Violence -- Family Resource Center of Central Oregon
Serving children and families in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties and son next to water.jpgDan didn’t know what to do when his 3 year-old son, Joshua, started saying “no” all the time and throwing tantrums. Dan found himself feeling frustrated and becoming angry with Joshua. Before long Dan was yelling at Joshua on a daily basis, until one day Dan had enough and struck his son. Growing up Dan’s father had a quick temper and often used his fist or belt as discipline. Dan knew he didn’t want to raise Joshua in the same harsh and abusive style, but he was at a loss for how else to discipline his son.
Dan enrolled in a multi-week class at Family Resource Center of Central Oregon, a comprehensive support program supported by the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon. Dan quickly gained the confidence to share his stories, his hopes, and his challenges in raising Joshua. At the end of the series Dan was a class leader and he left the class with confidence and skills to help him reverse the legacies of his own childhood. Dan now has positive parenting skills to guide his son and he has a better understanding of typical child behavior.
Family Resource Center of Central Oregon is a funded agency of the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon.