Keeping kids in school (and assisting parents too) -- United Way of Jackson County

Ashland YMCA

The principal from one of our local elementary schools made a referral call to us regarding a 7-year-old girl who was missing school. The child’s mother had abruptly left because there was a warrant for her arrest and dad was really struggling. Not only was he now a single parent in a very stressful situation, he also had to keep his job, keep the household together, get his children to school, figure out childcare, provide all the emotional support for them and take care of all the other daily living tasks.

On his low-wage job he was not able to provide childcare. Instead he would pick up his daughter before the school day was over or he simply wouldn’t send her at all, opting to care for her himself at his job while sacrificing her education. The YMCA provided them a scholarship so that she can come to the Kids Club program which is located at her school. Jenny has really come out of her shell the past few months. She has gone from a shy, insecure, socially awkward girl to one who comes in with a smile, greets her friends, engages in all activities and she’s bonded with our staff.

Ashland YMCA is a funded program of United Way of Jackson County.