Higher Education Coordinating Commission

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Higher Education Coordinating Commission 

Full Commission

October 8, 2015

Eastern Oregon University
Ackerman Hall - Gilbert Center
1 University Blvd, La Grande, OR 
To listen, call: 888-251-2909, Access Code 4733387
1.2 September 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes [pending approval at October 8 HECC meeting]
3.1 HECC, CCWD, and OSAC Budget Update [forthcoming]

Funding and Achievement Subcommittee

October 1, 2015, 9:00AM-11:30AM

Gail Achterman Commission Room
ODOT-T Building, Room 103
355 Capitol Ave.
Salem, OR

To listen: call 888-251-2909.  Access Code: 4733387

2.0 Draft Meeting Minutes Sept 3, 2015
3.0 FY15 RAM Settle-Up
3.0a FY15 RAM Detail Table
4.0 EOU/SOU Conditions Update
4.1 Final Conditions May 2014
5.0 University Operating and Capital ARB Planning 2017-19
6.0 University Budget & Finance Workgroup Changes 2015-16
7.0 SB 113 Workgroup and Draft Report Update

Student Success and Institutional Collaboration​ Subcommittee

October 7, 2015



Work Groups, Task Forces, and Advisory Committees
Credit for Prior Learning Advisory Committee

September 15, 2015

*Telephonic Meeting
To listen, call: 888-273-3658, Access Code 3887951

Draft Minutes, August 18 meeting
HB 4059 Draft Report