The Assessment of Trends Affecting Planning for Oregon’s Estuaries and Shorelands is one of several recent projects undertaken by the Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) in the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) to improve the foundation for planning in Oregon’s estuaries and estuarine shorelands. Other current projects to support local estuary planning efforts include re-mapping estuary habitats and an assessment of the existing planning and regulatory framework for future estuary and shoreland uses. 
Prepared for DLCD by Cogan Owens Cogan, and based on available information and extensive interviews, this investigation is intended to identify trends in the social and economic drivers for future estuary and shoreland uses and activities. It is designed to help develop a better understanding of the likely forces and actions affecting estuaries and shorelands that communities may need to plan for. While the project report refers to broad-scale coast-wide trends, the primary focus of the project was on the trends that may affect estuaries that Oregon has classified to accommodate some level of estuarine development. This assessment will help support local efforts to update economic opportunity analyses related to estuary and shoreland planning.
To view or download the assessment, click on the title above.  An appendix consisting of the interview results is also available for download.
Financial Assistance for this project was provided by the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as part of a state program grant made pursuant to Section 306 of the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972.