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Additional Hazard Resources
State Agencies
Department of Land Conservation and Development
The DLCD is an important resource for communities making land-use planning decisions. The department administers Oregon’s statewide land-use planning program and Oregon’s federally approved coastal-management program. Under the land-use program all cities and counties have adopted comprehensive plans that meet mandatory state standards.
Contact: Laren Woolley, Coastal Specialist
Address: 810 SW Alder St., Unit B, Newport, OR 97365
Phone: 541-574-0811
Fax: (541) 574-4515
E-mail: laren.woolley@state.or.us

Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI)
DOGAMI assists communities by producing maps and reports on coastal erosion, bluff hazards, tsunami inundation, and landslide hazard analysis in the coastal zone. DOGAMI staff chair the interagency State Map Advisory Council, which coordinates the preparation of various types of geologic maps, and computerized information. DOGAMI develops, stores and disseminates geologic information about the state that in turn serves as a basis for prudent decision-making in resource development and land management.
Contact: Jonathan Allan
Address: Coastal Field Office: 313 SW 2nd, Suite D, Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 574-6658
Fax: (541) 265-5241
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/DOGAMI/index.shtml
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD)
OPRD has authority over the Oceanshore Recreation Area up to the beach zone line or line of vegetation. Contact the OPRD coastal land-use coordinators for information on the permit application process.
North Coast Contact: Tony Stein
Address: 401 SW Ninth St., Newport, 97365
Phone: (541) 265-9871
Fax: (541) 265-9157
E-mail: tony.stein@state.or.us
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/index.shtml
South Coast Contact: Calum Stevenson
Address: 89814 Cape Arago Hwy, Coos Bay, OR 97420
Phone: (541) 888-9324
Fax: (541) 888-5650
E-mail: calum.stevenson@state.or.us
Web: http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/index.shtml

Publications and Resource Documents
A variety of documents exist to assist communities as they develop strategies for natural hazard mitigation. Technical documents are those that focus on a specialized aspect of coastal hazard mitigation. In addition, there are many DOGAMI publications on coastal hazards. Visit the DOGAMI website to find these resources.
"Geological Report Guidelines for New Development on Oceanfront Properties" (doc, pdf)
Produced by the Coastal Processes and Hazards Working Group and Oregon Coastal Management Program staff (including DLCD, DOGAMI, and OPRD), this is a list of geologic factors, analyses and recommendations which should be included in geologic reports for new development on oceanfront property, as well as property close enough to the ocean to be influenced by coastal geomorphology and ocean-caused erosion.  They are meant to be a resource for local government review and ordinance updates, geologic and engineering consultants, and those interested in coastal property.  [2008]
"Geological Report Guidelines for Shoreline Protective Structure Applications" (doc, pdf)
Produced by the Coastal Processes and Hazards Working Group and Oregon Coastal Management Program staff (DOGAMI, DLCD, and OPRD), this is a list of considerations to be included in geologic reports for oceanfront shoreline protective structures.  It is meant to provide an additional resource for local government review and ordinance updates, OPRD Ocean Shore Program staff, property owners, and geologic consultants.  [2008]
"Appraisal of Chronic Hazard Alleviation Techniques".
Shoreland Solutions / Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association. Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development [1994].
"Littoral Cell Management Planning along the Oregon Coast".
Shoreland Solutions [1995]
"Chronic Coastal Natural Hazards Model Overlay Zone".
Shoreland Solutions [1998]
"The Pacific Northwest Coast: Living with the Shores of Oregon and Washington".
Komar, P.D., Duke University Press [1997]. This book serves as a source of information about the coast of the Pacific Northwest, its geological setting, the natural responses of beaches and cliffs to ocean processes, and the ever-present problem of erosion. It examines lessons taught by human interactions with the coast. To obtain this resource contact Oregon State University or your local bookstore.
"Improving Natural Hazards Management on the Oregon Coast".
Natural Hazards Policy Working Group [1994]. This document contains 23 issues and 79 recommendations developed by a 20-member hazard policy-working group over a two-year time period. Information on natural hazard policy in Oregon, hazard assessment and information access, beach and shore protection procedures, land use planning, and tsunami preparedness is also included in this document. To obtain this resource contact Oregon Sea Grant.
"Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Explanation of Mapping Methods" and "Use of the Tsunami Hazard Maps of the Oregon Coast". DOGAMI [1995] Open File Report 0-97-67

"Inventory of Critical and Essential Facilities Vulnerable to Earthquake or Tsunami Hazards on the Oregon Coast". Charland, J.W. and Priest, G.R. DOGAMI [1992] Open File Report 0-95-02.
"Beach Processes and Sedimentation". Komar, P.D. 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall [1998] p.544
"El Niño and La Niña - Erosion Impacts Along the Oregon Coast: Report to the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development". Komar, P.D., Diaz-Mendez, G., and Marra, J.J. Department of Land Conservation and Development [1999].
"The Rational Analysis of Setback Distances: Applications to the Oregon Coast". Komar, P.D., McDougal, W.G., Marra, J.J. and Ruggiero, P. Shore and Beach ,Vol. 67, [1999] pp. 42-49
"The Wave Climate of the Pacific Northwest [Oregon and Washington]: A Comparison of Data Sources". Tillotson, K. and Komar, P.D. Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 13:2 [1997] pp. 440- 452
"Erosion of Netarts Spit, Oregon: Continued Impacts of the 1982-83 El Niño". Komar, P.D., Good, J.W., and Shih, S.M. Shore and Beach, Vol. 56 [1989] pp. 11-19
"Regional Sediment Dynamics and Shoreline Instability in Littoral Cells of the Pacific Northwest". Peterson, Curt D., Hansen, M., Briggs, G., Yeager, R., Saul, I.A., Jackson, P.L., Rosenfeld, C.R., White, G., Booth, B., Zhang, H., Assail, D., Terich, T. [1992] National Coastal Resources Research & Development Institute

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