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Jackson County Regional Problem Solving
Background Information
Regional Problem Solving (RPS) is a term identified in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS 197.652-658). The statute specifies that “Local governments and those special districts that provide urban services may enter into a collaborative regional problem-solving process. A collaborative regional problem-solving process is a planning process directed toward resolution of land use problems in a region.”

Various entities within Jackson County were identified as potential stakeholders within the regional planning process, and invitations were extended to every incorporated jurisdiction, school district  and irrigation district in the planning area, plus the Medford Water Commission, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, Rogue River Valley Sewer Services, Rogue Valley Transportation District, and the appropriate state agencies. Invitees chose to exercise different levels of participation and responsibility within the planning process.

The Regional Plan establishes a system to guide long-term planning for the next 50 years in the Greater Bear Creek Valley. The plan designates approximately 8,529 acres of urban reserves for the cities of Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Medford, Phoenix, and Talent to accommodate urban growth to the year 2060. The plan also establishes an Agricultural Task Force and an agricultural buffering program, commits the region to developing at certain minimum densities and in mixed-use/pedestrian friendly form, and requires conceptual land use and transportation planning to be conducted prior to UGB amendments.
The process for state review of the Regional Plan submittal is governed by Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) chapter 660, division 25. The director of DLCD has referred the matter to the Land Conservation and Development Commission. The commission is scheduled to conduct a hearing to consider whether to approve the Regional Plan on November 15, 2012.
State Review

The Greater Bear Creek Valley Regional Problem Solving Plan came before the Land Conservation and Development Commission on November 15, 2012 on a director's referral in the manner of periodic review set forth in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 197.628 through 197.650 and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) chapter 660, division 25, pursuant to former ORS 197.656(3) (2007). The commission having fully considered Jackson County's RPS Plan pursuant to former ORS 197.652 to 197.658 (2007), comments and objections from interested parties, written reports of the director of the Department of Land Conservation and Development (development), and the oral presentations, concluded that the Greater Bear Creek Valley Regional Plan submittal satisfies the requirements of former ORS 197.652 to 197.658 and complied with statewide planning goals.


The Final Order approves the RPS Plan submittal by Jackson County and the Cities of Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Medford, Phoenix, and Talent as being in compliance with the statewide planning goals.

October 24, 2012 Staff report

Attachment A - Entire Record of Jackson County public hearing process including Ordinance No. 2011-14 and all 3 volumes of the Regional Plan.

Attachment B - Regional Plan Atlas

Attachment C - Objection letters

Attachment D - Department’s March, 2012 staff report to commission