LCDC Meeting Reports, July 25-26, 2013

Agenda Item 1 - Approve Agenda


Agenda Item 2 - Public Comment
This part of the agenda is for comments on topics not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda. The commission is unable to take action, at this meeting, on items brought to their attention in this forum.
Agenda Item 2 - City of Ontario Public Testimony


Agenda Item 3 - Director's Report (Update)
The commission will receive an update by the director on recent matters concerning the department.


Agenda Item 4 - Budget (Update)
The commission will receive an update by the director on the department's budget.


Agenda Item 5 - "Past, Present, and Future of Land Use" Panel Presentation Follow-up (Update)
The commission will discuss the implications of the research results presented at its May meeting, and potential consequences on future policy agendas.


Agenda Item 6 - Regional Solutions Team Plan (Update)
The commission will hear from members of the Northeast Regional Solutions Team regarding regional priorities and projects, both completed and in process, addressing those priorities.


Agenda Item 7 - Sage Grouse Conservation Plan (Update)
The commission will receive an update regarding Oregon's Sage Grouse Conservation Partnership (SageCon) and the state's All Lands All Threats project. A description of local Sage Grouse conservation efforts may also be provided.


Budget and Management Subcommittee
The subcommittee will discuss the department's current budget information. The subcommittee will report to the full commission during the commission meeting.


The tour will depart from the community center on arranged transport at noon. The route will be south to Diamond, Oregon; then north to the Diamond Craters. The tour will then move north to the Pete French Round Barn and Sage Grouse core habitat. From the Round Barn, the tour will return to Burns. Expected time will be three to four hours depending on stops.


Agenda Item 8 - Legislative Report (Update)
The commission will receive an update on 2013 legislation relating to land use.


Agenda Item 9 - Intro Discussion of 2013-2015 LCDC Policy Agenda (Update)
This is the first of two opportunities for the commission to consider its long term and near term policy agenda (including anticipated rulemaking). The commission will adopt a Policy Agenda at its September meeting.
Agenda Item 9 - Public Testimony


Agenda Item 10 - CIAC and LOAC Reports and Work Programs (Update)
Reports regarding proposed biannual work plans.


Agenda Item 11 - Commission Business (Action)
The commission will receive an update on the Budget and Management Subcommittee and a request to schedule a periodic review appeal hearing more than 90 days from the date of the appeal.


Agenda Item 12 - Other
The commission reserves this time, if needed, for other business



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