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Director's Office 503-934-0045 Amie Abbott
Economic Development 503-934-0034 Gordon Howard
Human Resources 503-934-0401 Melissa Gubbels
Landowner Notification Program 503-373-0050 Teddy Leland
Measure 49 Inquiries 503-934-0001 Sarah Marvin
Natural Hazards Planning 503-934-0027 Christine Shirley
Ocean and Coastal Services 503-934-0052 Patty Snow
Administrative Services 503-934-0016 Teddy Leland
Policy and Legislative Coordination 503-934-0020 Ellen L. Miller
Regional Representatives 503-934-0034 Gordon Howard
Transportation & Growth Mgmt. Program 503-934-0046 Matthew Crall


Amie Abbott
Executive Assistant to the Director & Commission
​503-934-0045 amie.abbott@state.or.us
Laura Buhl
Land Use & Transportation Planner
​503-934-0073 laura.buhl@state.or.us
Deanna Caracciolo
Rocky Shores Fellow
​503-934-0026 deanna.caracciolo@state.or.us
Angela Carnahan
Willamette Valley Regional Representative
​503-934-0056 angela.carnahan@state.or.us
​Sadie Carney
Rural Policy Analyst/Communications Manager
​503-934-0036 sadie.carney@state.or.us
Matthew Crall
Planning Services Division Manager
503-934-0046 matthew.crall@state.or.us
Randy Dana
Coastal GIS Specialist
971-673-0960 randy.dana@state.or.us
Anne Debbaut
Metro-area Regional Representative
503-725-2182 anne.debbaut@state.or.us
Lorinda DeHaan
Coastal Administrative/Rulemaking Support
503-934-0007 lorinda.dehaan@state.or.us
Jennifer Donnelly
Metro-area Regional Representative
503-725-2183 jennifer.donnelly@state.or.us
Jon Dunsmore
Network Administrator
503-934-0028 jon.dunsmore@state.or.us
Scott Edelman
Central Oregon Regional Representative
​541-306-8530 scott.edelman@state.or.us
Diana Evans
Federal and Local Grants Coordinator
503-934-0038 diana.evans@state.or.us
Melissa Gubbels
Human Resources Manager
​503-934-0401 melissa.gubbels@state.or.us
Tanya Haddad
Coastal Atlas Coordinator
971-673-0962 tanya.haddad@state.or.us
Rob Hallyburton
Rural Policy Analyst
503-934-0018 rob.hallyburton@state.or.us
Tabatha L. Hoge
Grants and Periodic Review Administrative Specialist
​503-934-0054 tabatha.l.hoge@state.or.us
Bill Holmstrom
Transportation Planner
503-934-0040 bill.holmstrom@state.or.us
Gordon Howard
Community Services Division Manager
503-934-0034 gordon.howard@state.or.us
Jon Jinings
Community Services Specialist
Marian Lahav
Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Program Coordinator
​503-934-0024 marian.lahav@state.or.us
Andy Lanier
Marine Affairs Coordinator
503-934-0072 andy.lanier@state.or.us
Josh LeBombard
Southern Oregon Regional Representative
541-414-7932 josh.lebombard@state.or.us
Teddy Leland
Administrative Services Division Manager
503-934-0016 teddy.leland@state.or.us
Dave Lentzner
Risk MAP Coordinator
​503-934-0010 david.lentzner@state.or.us
​Amanda Long
Department Support/Plan Amendment Specialist
​503-934-0000 amanda.l.long@state.or.us
​Carrie MacLaren
Deputy Director
​503-934-0051 carrie.maclaren@state.or.us
Robert Mansolillo
Urban Planner
​503-934-0053 robert.mansolillo@state.or.us
​Evan Manvel
Land Use and Transportation Planner
​503-934-0059 evan.manvel@state.or.us
Sarah Marvin
Senior Planner
503-934-0001 sarah.marvin@state.or.us
Cody Meyer
Land Use and Transportation Planner
​503-934-0005 cody.meyer@state.or.us
David Michael
Information Resources Specialist
​503-934-0019 david.michael@state.or.us
Ellen L. Miller
Legislative Coordinator/Urban Policy Analyst
​503-934-0020 ellen.l.miller@state.or.us
Tim Murphy
Farm and Forest Lands Specialist
​503-934-0048 timothy.murphy@state.or.us
Niko Peha
Information Systems Specialist 1
​503-934-0023 niko.peha@state.or.us
Dave Perry
South Coast Regional Representative
541-574-1584 dave.perry@state.or.us
Amanda Punton
Natural Resource/Aggregate Specialist
971-673-0961 amanda.punton@state.or.us
Meg Reed
Coastal Shores Specialist
​541-574-0811 meg.reed@state.or.us
Jim Rue
503-934-0002 jim.rue@state.or.us
Elizabeth Ruther
Coastal State-Federal Relations Coordinator
​503-934-0029 elizabeth.j.ruther@state.or.us
Tricia Sears
Natural Hazards Planner
​503-934-0031 tricia.sears@state.or.us
Christine Shirley
Natural Hazards and Floodplain Specialist
503-934-0027 christine.shirley@state.or.us
Dave Smith
Database Administrator
​503-934-0013 dave.f.smith@state.or.us
Linda Smith
Accountant 3
503-934-0004 linda.smith@state.or.us
Rachel Smith
Information Management Project Coordinator
​503-934-0295 rachel.smith@state.or.us
Patty Snow
Ocean and Coastal Services Division Manager
503-934-0052 patty.snow@state.or.us
Matt Spangler
Senior Coastal Policy Analyst
541-574-1095 matt.spangler@state.or.us
Casaria Taylor
Rules, Records & Policy Coordinator/Asst. to Deputy Director
503-934-0065 casaria.taylor@state.or.us

Ali Turiel
Land Use and Transportation Planner

​503-934-0064 ali.turiel@state.or.us
Mara Ulloa
Accountant 1
503-934-0014 mara.ulloa@state.or.us
Patrick Wingard
Southern Willamette Valley Regional Representative
541-393-7675 patrick.wingard@state.or.us