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City of Woodburn UGB Amendment
In 2005, the City of Woodburn submitted a periodic review work task regarding commercial and industrial land needs along with an amendment its urban growth boundary (UGB) to the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) for review. The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) approved the work task and UGB amendment in January 2007.

In September 2010, the Oregon Court of Appeals reversed and remanded LCDC’s 2007 decision. The Court directed LCDC to provide a better explanation of the relationship between Goal 9 (Economic Development) and Goal 14 (Urbanization) when amending a UGB.

The department prepared a set of revised findings and a revised order for LCDC’s consideration. At its January 12, 2011 hearing where it heard from the city and objectors to the city’s action, LCDC again approved the city’s UGB amendment. The department issued a final order on March 16, 2011.
On January 2, 2014, the Court of Appeals again reversed and remanded LCDC’s decision. At its July 2014 meeting, LCDC unanimously voted to initiate a mediation assessment, to be conducted by Oregon Consensus, because mediation had "the potential to resolve the city's UGB amendment.”
Oregon Consensus submitted its Assessment Report to LCDC, concluding:
While there are significant challenges in mediating a solution to the dispute over the City of Woodburn’s proposal for expanding industrial land within an amended urban growth boundary, there is a possibility of success if parties are willing to (1) seriously examine their own interests and objectives, (2) strive to understand the interests of the other parties, and (3) seek solutions that meet multiple interests and avoid the significant economic and social costs of alternative forums. It is suggested that the parties use the selection of a mediator as an opportunity to practice collaboration.
In March 2015, all parties to Woodburn II, the second Court of Appeals case, entered into mediation. The parties signed a Framework for Mediation Settlement Agreement, agreeing to a solution, in May 2015.
On May 21, 2015, LCDC passed a motion to “remand the City of Woodburn’s Periodic Review Work Task 2 and UGB amendment for further action and establish a resubmittal date of December 1, 2015.”
The Woodburn City Council and Marion County Board of Commissioners completed a joint hearing at Woodburn City Hall on December 14, 2015, adopting an ordinance that amended the UGB as settled in the framework agreement.
The adopted ordinances provide an expansion of the UGB, including:
  • Adding 619 acres of land, which includes 190 acres designated for industrial use, 23 acres for commercial use and 406 acres for residential use;
  • A 20-year expansion limitation condition west of Butteville Road N.E.;
  • A 20-year expansion limitation condition northeast of Highway 99E;
  • Creating a 230 acre Urban Reserve east of the intersection of Butteville Road N.E. and Parr Road N.E.;
  • Excludes approximately 121 acres of residential land south of Crosby Road;
  • Excludes approximately 14 acres of residential land east of Highway 99E.
Woodburn submitted the remand response to the department on December 17, 2015. A participant has the right to submit an “objection” to the submittal within 21 days, or January 7, 2016. The department director then has the authority to approve or remand the submittal, or refer it to LCDC for review.

Documents related to the Woodburn UGB amendment can be viewed by following the links below.
If you have questions about Woodburn’s UGB amendment proposal, please contact Angela Carnahan, DLCD Regional Representative, at 503-934-0056 or angela.carnahan@state.or.us.