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1999 Final Opinions
97-021 Recovery House VI v. City of Eugene
97-220 Hilyer's Mid-City Ford v. City of Woodburn
97-235 Johns v. City of Lincoln City
98-037 Valerio v. Union County
98-044 Marquam Farms Corp. v. Multnomah County
98-096 Claus v. City of Sherwood
98-111/120 Doumani v. City of Eugene
98-123 Santiam Properties, LLC v. City of Stayton
98-126 Witzel v. Harney County
98-219 Imper v. City of Aumsville
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94-242/243 Mitchell v. City of Dundee
95-250 Haught v. Coos County
96-193/194 DLCD v. Yamhill County
97-048 et seq D.S. Parklane Development Inc. v. Metro
97-097 Holland v. City of Cannon Beach
97-201 Parks Development Procedure Alliance v. City of Portland
97-251 ODOT v. City of Mosier
98-002/003 Van Dyke v. Yamhill County
98-051 Best Buy In Town v. Washington County
98-057 Christensen v. City of West Linn
98-079 Mayea v. City of Port Orford
98-080 Schultz v. City of Forest Grove
98-125 Transue v. City of Gladstone
98-134 Rutherford v. Benton County
98-135 James v. Josephine County
98-148 Angius v. Washington County
98-154 DeShazer v. Columbia County
98-166 Hunt v. City of Ashland
98-180 North Park Annex Business Trust v. City of Independence
98-186 Oregon Apartment Association v. City of Portland
98-196 Beaumont-Hilshire Neighborhood Association v. City of Portland
99-004 Oregon Department of Agriculture v. Metro
99-005/013/019 1000 Friends of Oregon v. Metro
99-015/021 Washington County Farm Bureau v. Metro
99-022 Brodka v. City of Eugene
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94-236 DeBruin v. Deschutes County
94-247 Tualatin Investment Partners I, LP v. City of Tualatin
95-063 Smith v. Wallowa County
95-077 Smith v. Wallowa County
95-140 Fjeldstad v. City of Portland
96-117/123 DLCD v. Jackson County
97-123/134 Tumalo Heights, LLC v. City of Bend
97-224 SF Property Investments, LLC v. City of Tigard
98-007/017 Tumalo Heights, LLC v. City of Bend
98-015 DLCD v. Douglas County
98-060 Kimball v. City of Salem
98-061 Port Dock Four, Inc. v. City of Newport
98-062 Ray v. Douglas County
98-081 Tandem Development Corporation v. City of Happy Valley
98-084 Neels v. Clackamas County
98-085 Lovinger v. Lane County
98-165 Warrick v. Josephine County
98-205 Robbins v. City of Medford
98-206 Blue Mountain Asphalt v. Umatilla County
99-023 Burnsed v. Washington County
99-029 University of Portland v. City of Portland
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94-203 Neikes v. City of Cannon Beach
96-169 Riverdale School District v. City of Portland
97-002 Blessing v. Polk County
97-051 Kliewer v. Metro
97-139 Kelley v. Clackamas County
97-157 Wood v. Crook County
97-178/181 ODOT v. Douglas County
97-182 Jebousek v. City of Newport
98-005 Von Lubken Orchards, Inc. v. Hood River County
98-010 Hamilton v. Marion County
98-073 Hard Rock Enterprises, LLC v. Washington County
98-089 Citizens for Florence v. City of Florence
98-107 Cotter v. Clackamas County
98-151 McElroy v. Corvallis
98-163 DLCD v. Baker County
98-189 Fischer v. Columbia County
98-190 Eddings v. Columbia County
98-211 Button v. City of Baker City
99-047 Howe v. City of Gresham
99-048 Roberts v. Clackamas County
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91-027/030/031 DLCD v. Yamhill County
94-187 et seq Lewis v. City of Portland
96-235 Stroupe v. Clackamas County
98-038/039 ODOT v. Coos County
98-142 Christian Life Center v. Washington County
98-145 Bernard Perkins Corp. v. City of Rivergrove
98-156 Yuba North Inc. v. Jackson County
98-193 Brome v. City of Corvallis
98-212 Turrell v. Harney County
99-046 River Island Estates Homeowners Association v. City of Eugene
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95-029/030 Torgeson v. Clackamas County
96-069/070 Torgeson v. Clackamas County
97-165 et seq City of Salem v. City of Keizer
98-055/059 Sequoia Park Condominium Unit Owners Association v. City of Beaverton
98-071/072 City of Phoenix v. City of Medford
98-108 Baughman v. City of Portland
98-132 Lawrence v. Clackamas County
98-175 Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition v. Lincoln County
98-187 McKy v. Josephine County
98-213 Park Gleann Residents v. City of Dallas
98-214 Evenson v. Jackson County
99-011 Quest International Inc. v. City of Silverton
99-045 Archdiocese of Portland v. City of Eugene
99-050 Oak Valley, LP v. City of Talent
99-055 Pierce v. Deschutes County
99-062 JC Reeves Corporation v. City of Tualatin
99-080 Eckhardt v. City of Tigard
99-082 Koenig v. Clackamas County
99-087 Feller v. City of Silverton
99-095 Koenig v. Clackamas County
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97-128 Rutter v. City of Ashland
98-094 Pekarak v. Wallowa County
98-106 Benchmark Enterprises, LLC v. City of Stayton
98-133 Plotkin v. Washington County
98-137 Blazer Construction, Inc. v. City of Eugene
98-141 City of Newberg v. Yamhill County
98-153 Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce v. City of Lincoln City
98-172 Hartman v. Washington County
98-173 Salo v. City of Oregon City
98-181/182 Tri-Met v. Washington County
98-194 Wiley Mtn. Inc. v. City of Albany
98-197 Woods v. Grant County
99-061 Beaverton School District 48J v. Washington County
99-090 Reece v. Jefferson County
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98-097/098 Kotz Custom Homes, Inc. v. Clackamas County
98-146 Herman v. City of Lincoln City
98-150/162/177 Friends of Clean Living v. Polk County
98-158 Friends of the Creek v. Jackson County
98-183 Marshall v. Aumsville
99-006/012 Department of Agriculture v. Metro
99-042/044 Creswell Court, LLC v. City of Creswell
99-075 Garvin v. City of Brookings
99-088 Bigley v. City of Portland
99-096 Remarkable Properties, Inc. v. Deschutes County
99-097 Angius v. Washington County
99-130 Leisure Care, Inc. v. City of Gresham
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97-160/161 Columbia Hills Development Company v. Columbia County
97-251 ODOT v. City of Mosier
98-036 Terra v. City of Newport
98-045 ODOT v. Douglas County
98-128/144 Buckman Community Ass'n v. City of Portland
98-184/185 Carlsen v. City of Portland
98-208 Genstar Land Company Northwest v. City of Sherwood
99-002/003 Tarjoto v. Lane County
99-072 Latta v. City of Joseph
99-074 Mulford v. City of Lakeview
99-076 Moini v. City of Fairview
99-084 Taylor v. Washington County
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97-235 Johns v. Lincoln City
98-082 Highland Condominium Association
98-109 Rock Creek Cafe & Pub v. Washington County
98-188 DLCD v. Wallowa County
98-195 West Hills Development Company v. Washington County
98-202 DLCD v. Crook County
98-216 Johnson v. Clackamas County
99-001 Pacific Northwest Development Corporation v. Washington County
99-017 Morse Bros. Inc. v. Columbia County
99-030 Freedom v. City of Ashland
99-063 Shanks v. Washington County
99-085 MacHugh v. Benton County
99-103/119 Powell v. Josephine County
99-107 Kelley v. City of Cascade Locks
99-111 Home Depot v. City of Oregon City
99-124 Bowen v. City of Dunes City
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98-116 Commercial Real Estate Economic Coalition v. Metro
98-119 DLCD v. Douglas County
98-152 KFG-Corvallis Investments, LTD. v. City of Corvallis
98-159/160 Tri-River Investment Co. v. Clatsop County
98-167 Copper Basin, Inc. v. Umatilla County
98-217/99-051 Davis v. City of Ashland
99-025 Rochlin v. Multnomah County
99-027/028 Alliance for Responsible Land Use v. Deschutes County
99-059 Greer v. Josephine County
99-081 Wilbur Residents for a Clean Neighborhood v. Douglas County
99-117 Hribernick v. City of Gresham
99-129 Lee v. City of Portland
99-133 James Family Trust v. City of Eugene
99-148 Root v. Crook County
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97-240 Rock Creek Cafe & Pub v. Washington County
98-092 Jones v. City of Lowell
98-139/140 Rochlin v. Multnomah County
98-143 Root v. City of Medford
98-157 Riggs v. Douglas County
98-226 Friends of Linn County v. Linn County
98-227 Friends of Linn County v. Linn County
99-024 Turner Community Association v. Marion County
99-026 Clackamas Citizens for Responsible Growth v. Clackamas County
99-034 Wild Rose Ranch Enterprises v. Benton County
99-036 Neighbors for Livability v. City of Beaverton
99-049 Multi-Tech Engineering Services v. Josephine County
99-053 Johnson v. City of La Grande
99-118 Sunnyside Construction and Development v. City of Oregon City
99-142 Chilla v. City of North Bend
99-150 Saccato v. Josephine County
99-167 Sheffield v. City of Molalla
99-173 K.B. Properties v. City of Lake Oswego
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