Annual Chiropractic Assistant License Renewal - Updated May 30, 2017

Renewal is a three-part process. Continuing education must be completed (unless you are exempt), the Healthcare Workforce Questionnaire must be completed, and the Renewal Notice, and payment must be submitted. This process is the same each year.  (Note: this process is due to change​ in 2018​ to a birth month renewal system.)

RENEWAL PERIOD. The OBCE processes CA renewals between June 1 and July 31. (In 2018, the OBCE will transition to a birth month renewal system for CAs, similar to the DCs)

FEE. The renewal fee is $75.  A late fee is assessed if a CA does not renew by the reneweal date (currently July 31) .

CONTINUING EDUCATION. A CA's annual continuing education requirement is SIX hours. Continuing education should be completed during the CAs license year, August 1 through July 31. Do NOT wait until you receive your Renewal Notice to start looking for qualified seminars.  

CAs who initially licensed between March 1 and May 31 of this same year are exempt from the "general" CE requirements; their renewal notice will reflect this exemption.  

For these same CAs, the Board has mandated that ALL NEW CAs must complete the TWO HOURS Vitals training by their 2nd renewal period. The vitals CE must include some didactic/lecture and 20 documented checks of each of the following: blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, and respiration. A minimum of 10 people must be tested (i.e. a variety of people broadens the skill). For the purposes of the training, staff may act as the patient.

The CA's supervising DC is responsible to verify by signature the successful completion of the two hours vitals training and the 20 practical checks.  Use this PRESCRIBED FORM​ to record and certify completion of the CE and vitals checks.  Alternatively, if a CA attends a board-approved VITALS class, the instructor, or course representative will be verifying the lecture and/or the hands-on exercises. 

For ALL CE Activity.  ALWAYS get documentation verifying that you attended/completed each CE activity from the course sponsor of the program, or vendor.  The proof should include # of hours completed, date completed, topic, and vendor and/or instructor. 

Throughout the year, access the OBCE's website to find continuing education options​. As noted on the site, the programs listed are not exclusive; if you find another program that interests you, feel free to contact the OBCE to find out if the program qualifies for CE credit (or read the Oregon Administrative Rule on CE 811-015-0025 for guidance on qualified programs).

* NEW * OHA HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE QUESTIONNAIRE (Survey)Pursuant to ORS 676.410​ ALL Oregon licensees (DCs and CAs) must complete the Workforce Questionnaire prior to renewing their Oregon license or certificate.  

You MUST complete the survey providing accurate information including your name, certificate number and practice location; if you do not, the OBCE will not be able to issue your renewed license.   

Upon completion of the survey, you may opt to print the last page, verifying your completion, and expediting your renewal. However, submission of proof is not mandatory as the OBCE will receive confirmation from the Oregon Health Authority.  

As s​tated by law, this questionnaire will be required at each annual renewal, or until such time as the law changes. 

THE RENEWAL NOTICE. The OBCE mails the Chiropractic Assistant Renewal Notice to CAs by June 1 each year. By default, the Notice is mailed to the last-known employment/practice address; if no practice location is on file, the Notice is mailed to the CA's home address. Keep the Board notified of your address changes!
The Notice is an "Invoice to Pay" the $75 renewal fee to the OBCE, and an affidavit verifying that you, the CA, have completed the required hours of Continuing Education. Do not sign and date the Affidavit until you have completed your CE!
IF you misplace the Renewal Notice and Affidavit that was mailed to you, or you did not receive it all, you may download the form here: Renewal Notice for CAs ​ 

GRACE PERIOD.  There is a a 30-day grace period (August 1 through August 31) immediately following the July 31 expiration date. This grace period allows the chiropractic assistant to continue to practice for a short time, BUT the late fee is incurred.  Any chiropractic assistant who has not renewed by September 1st, must cease practice. 

A certificate that is not renewed on time (by July 31) may not be renewed except:
(a) Upon written application and payment to the board of the renewal fee plus a delinquent fee of $25 for renewals submitted between August 1st and August 31st of each year;
(b) Upon written application and payment to the board of the renewal fee plus a delinquent fee of $50 for renewals submitted on September 1st or later; and
(c) Upon compliance with or exemption from the requirements of ORS 684.092. (Submit CE)
After 12 months having failed to renew, a chiropractic assistant will need to re-apply for certification by meeting the provisions of OAR 811-010-0110 sections (2) and (3).

PAYMENT & MAILING.  Acceptable payment is by check, money order or cashier's check, or debit/credit card (VISA or Mastercard).  If paying by credit card (use this Credit Card Authorization​ form​)

Send your payment, CE (if reporting Vitals training) AND your Renewal Notice to the OBCE's Administrative Office in Salem: 
                      OBCE, 3218 Pringle Road, SE, Suite 150 Salem, OR  97302-6311

If you have any questions about CA renewal call Kelly at 503-373-1573, or email