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Chiropractic Assistants

Application Process for CA Certification            UPDATED  10-01-16 *

PLEASE READ ALL SECTIONS on this web page COMPLETELY (and the related links)
  1. READ the Administrative Rule regulating the Chiropractic Assistant profession
  2. TRAINING - Complete 12 hours initial training based on the Board's curriculum. (More info in Training section below)
  3. Background Check - You will be required to submit to fingerprinting. Follow instructions provided (Do NOT get fingerprinted before you receive instructions from OBCE). * 
  4. APPLICATION - Complete and print your Application Packet (Found in Forms section below).
  5. Total FEES $175 payable by check or credit card​; NO CASH. (Fees are non-refundable.)
  6. ONLINE EXAM - It is open-book. Additional instructions are below.
* ALL applicants must submit to a fingerprint check regardless of any previous printing (e.g. LMTs)  

​​Certification - Upon successful completion of the exam, receipt of the state/federal background check report, and Board approval, the OBCE will issue the CA certificate. The total process takes approximately two to three weeks

If you have questions after reading all sections on this page,
CONTACTKelly Beringer by email at kelly.beringer@oregon.gov
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Application Forms, Fees and Mailing Information        UPDATED  10-01-16

NOTES:  1) The Application Packet will open with Adobe Reader (if you do not have this free application installed on your computer, click on the ADOBE link at the bottom of this page). 2) Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome ONLY to open the documents; they will NOT open if your browser is Mozilla, Safari, etc.
Once you have completed your forms and training, mail ALL of the following to the OBCE (address below): 
  1. Application form with photo (this MUST be a passport-type color photo)
  2. Completed Fingerprint Request form (found in CA Application Packet)
  3. Written explanation for arrests, charges, convictions, if any AND supporting documentation including police reports, court judgments, etc.
  4. Social Security Number form 
  5. Diversity form
  6. Proof (certificate or log) of completed 12 hours Initial Training, and
  7. TOTAL Fees: $175* ($50 application; $40 background; $35 exam; and $50 initial license) payable to the OBCE (one check is acceptable).

Mail to:

Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners
3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 150 
Salem Oregon 97302

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​TRAINING for Initial Licensure - Process and Resources   03-14-17

ALL CA Initial training must follow the Board's CURRICULUM for the lecture portion; the practical/hands-on must be four hours in length and cover hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and electrotherapy.  This training is valid for ONLY 60 days.  If you do not apply within 60 days of completing the training you will need to retake the 12 hours.


In ANY training situation you should receive a certificate of completion for the 12 hours training.

ONLY training offered by a Board-approved trainer or your employing Doctors of Chiropractic is valid training.

The time you take to complete your application forms, read the Physiotherapy Study Guide, or take your examination does NOT count as part of your required 12 hours training.


     1.  Attend a pre-scheduled course (read the list; call the vendor); OR
     2.  Use the Supervising DC Guidelines and Log for CA Training and ; OR  
     3.  Register for one of the LIVE or ONLINE Board-approved courses below 
  • Register for ChiroCredit.com's Oregon Chiropractic Assistant Training Program (ONLY the 8 hours lecture; the applicant will need to obtain the hands-on in clinic or through other board-approved trainer), or 
  • Register for Professional Online Education's "Oregon Initial Chiropractic Assistant Training" (all 12 hours) 
  • Register​ for CACredits.org Webinar and/or Live for CA Initial Training (all 12 hours) 
     4.  Contact one of the OBCE’s pre-approved trainers; they may be able to provide your training on an as-needed basis.  

Training Exceptions:

  • Seventh quarter or above chiropractic students may show proof of attendance of Physiological Therapeutics in lieu of taking the Initial Training Course; they must still meet all other requirements for CA licensure. 
  • If you have a CA certificate/license from another state or adequate documentation of training, the Board may waive the requirements for the initial training course. Request a waiver PRIOR TO application.
  • If you are a Physical Therapy Assistant, and you took your PTA education within the past five years, you may submit proof of that education in lieu of the initial training.
NOTE:  Massage Therapists applying for certification are NOT exempt from the initial training requirement since the LMT training does not include hydrotherapy and electrotherapy.  All LMT’s or massage therapy students must complete the twelve (12) hours initial training.  ​​
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Assistant Board Examination          Temporary Change 12-15-16

EXAMINATION  The CA exam is open-book; you should use the Physiotherapy Study Guide for Chiropractic Assistants.

STUDY GUIDE - Contact the book store at University of Western States to purchase the Study Guide. Call (503) 251-5719. Request the "Physiotherapy Study Guide for Chiropractic Assistants."

1.  Each CA Applicant will need to have their OWN email address (FREE email accounts are available ​with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). You may not use your supervising DC's, clinic staff's or clinic emails.  If you do not have a computer or email, visit your local library.

2.  A CA Applicant will only be assigned the CA exam once they have submitted, and met ALL of the CA application requirements, including all fees, forms, and responses to OBCE background check (if requested), etc. 

3.  OBCE staff will send an email to the eligible CA Applicant with instructions on how to access the test site; the CA Applicant will have 48 cumulative hours to complete the online examination (In other words, while an Applicant is logged into the exam, the clock is running; when he/she logs out the clock stops. When a total of 48 hours is reached, time is up). Temporary change: The OBCE is searching for another online examination host; until we obtain one, the CA examination will be mailed to the applicant in care of the clinic where they are employed (or if not employed to their home). The completed original exam should be mailed back to the OBCE for grading. 

4.  Upon completion of the examination, the CA Applicant will know whether he/she passed or failed the exam.  The CA Applicant must initiate a transcript (Pass OR Fail) to be sent to OBCE staff, Kelly Beringer.

5.  IF a CA Applicant fails the examination, a $35 retake fee must be submitted and OBCE staff will re-assign the examination once again. Notify the OBCE that you failed, and submit your payment.

6. Upon receipt of a transcript showing successful completion of the exam, a clear background check, and Board approval, OBCE staff will issue the CA certificate.

These instructions and more will be available in the OBCE emails, and on the test website.

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CA Renewal       6-1-17

CA Renewal information has been moved to the left-hand menu option "License Renewal (DCs and CAs)"
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TIDBITS and FAQ Updated 11-1-13

Additional Duties Allowed or Disallowed for CAs  
In addition to the CA scope of practice which allows hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and physiotherapy, the Board has developed the policies and practices provided in the above link. 
Frequently Asked Questions          10-15-13
QUESTION:  My CA license expired  July 31, 2013, may I now (Nov. 2013) pay the late renewal fee and penalty cited in the new rule and renew my license? 
ANSWER:  YES!  With the payment of the new renewal fee, the late renewal penalty fee, and submission of CE. 

Questions related to a previous rule change....
QUESTION:  Can I complete the Initial Training through an "online" course? 
ANSWER:  Effective August 2012, webinars, that are PRE-approved by the OBCE for the "Initial  Training" are approved for the 8-hour didactic (lecture) portion of the Initial Training (four hour practical session must still be "live."  The Board adopted a policy (click HERE) that allows participation in the webinar. As of October 2012, an 8-hour webinar has been approved; the 4-hours practical session is presented live.  Refer to the list of approved trainers, or schedule of initial training courses. Videos or other online training are NOT approved for the Initial Training.
QUESTION:  May our long-time CA perform the practical portion of the 12 hours Initial Training for our new staff person? 
ANSWER:  NO. The administrative rule is clear that the hands-on (practical) training may ONLY be “administered by a healthcare provider licensed to independently provide those therapies.”  CAs may not perform any therapies without supervision of a DC, and therefore they are not allowed to administer the practical portion. 
QUESTION:   I will be renewing my CA license in July.  Do I need to complete six or 12 hours continuing education? 
ANSWER:  SIX. The rule change ONLY effects INITIAL training required to APPLY for licensure as a chiropractic assistant.  The rule change does NOT effect those CAs renewing their current license.

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