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Chiropractor License Renewal

NEW ** MANDATORY ** Healthcare Workforce Questionnaire       11-22-2016

Pursuant to ORS 676.410​   (effective immediately)

·       ALL (active and inactive) Oregon licensed chiropractors must complete the Workforce Questionnaire prior to renewing their Oregon license.  If you already renewed in 2016 prior to August 15, 2016, you should complete the survey at the time of your NEXT renewal and not at this time. 

      Click HERE to go to the Healthcare Survey.

·       You MUST complete the survey providing accurate information including your name, license number and practice location; if you do not the OBCE will not be able to issue your renewed license.   

      MANDATORY ATTESTATIONS: If you are renewing in paper format (and mailing your renewal) you must attest to taking the survey by initializing on the form where indicated.  All others using the Online Renewal application, OBCE staff will be confirming your compliance based on a report provided by the Oregon Health Authority.

As s​tated by law, this questionnaire will be required at each annual renewal, or until such time as the law changes. 

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ONLINE DC License Renewal Application!  Effective April 1, 2014

Thank you for using this Online Renewal tool.  Please read this Information Page as there are some tips and restrictions to using the application.  After you have read the Information page, CLICK HERE to go directly to the Renewal Application.  

BONUS! The application is also a means to change any or all of your addresses - at ANY time, not just at renewal time! 

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License Renewal Terminology

License Status:
  • Senior Active status – To qualify for this status you must be at least 60 years of age, AND have actively practiced for 25 years or more); this status requires $315 and six (6) hours CE annually.  When a licensee qualifies for Senior Active, the OBCE will mail with the Renewal Notice/Affidavit a Senior Active application form. 
  • Regular Active status– all other licensees who wish to practice in Oregon. The license fee is $425 and the annual CE requirement is 20 hours
  • Inactive status – licensee pays $225; no CE required annually.  Licensee may NOT practice to any degree in Oregon while maintaining an inactive license.
Other Important Terms:
  • License Year – a 12-month period running from birth month to birth month
  • Renewal Notice/Affidavit  – your “invoice” to pay, and your affirmation that you have completed the required continuing education
  • Renewal Date – the last day of your birth month
  • Grace Period – the 30 days immediately following your license Renewal Date (Read important information in the section below titled, "The Grace Period and Renewal Penalty").
  • Late Renewal Penalty - a $125 per week, or partial week penalty fee (Maximum: $500)
  • Expiration Date – 30 days after your Renewal Date
  • Lapsed License – 12 months after the Renewal Date. In order to practice in Oregon now, a person must re-apply (meet all current application requirements) and re-test (Oregon Specifics, and possibly National exams).
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Renewal Process - OBCE's Responsibility     UPDATE 8-11-2016

  1. The OBCE will send an EMAIL to the licensee approximately 45 days prior to the monthly renewal date; this is only a notice that it is time to renew.  Licensees must follow up and visit the online renewal application.  For those few licensees without email, a paper renewal will be mailed at the same time.  Payment will be accepted at the end of the online process. 
  2. For licensees unable to renew online, or who do not have debit/credit cards, a paper form is still available from our website under Forms and Publications. 
  3. Once the licensee has completed the Renewal online or submitted a paper renewal, the OBCE will issue the certificate.  Licenses are usually printed each Friday.  

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Renewal Process - LICENSEE's Responsibility

Upon receipt of the EMAILED Renewal Notice reminder, the licensee is responsible to visit the OBCE's Online License Renewal application - https://apps.oregon.gov/application/OBCE/elicense prior to the expiration/Renewal Date.  
Each Licensee is responsible to:
  • Verify/change ALL addressesand telephone numbers on file with the OBCE
  • Provide a valid email address (mandatory)
  • Complete and verify completion of all CE requirements 
  • Truthfully answer each of the questions regarding any charges, arrests, convictions, other agency disciplinary action, or malpractice claims.
  • Digitally sign and date the Renewal Notice/Affidavit 
  • Payment: Online renewal accepts VISA or Mastercard. IF a licensee renews with paper, include a Check, Money Order, or Credit Card Authorization form (See Payments below)
  • Print your Confirmation from the Online Renewal Application and keep in your files. Again, IF you must renew with paper, mail both the Renewal Notice & CE Affidavit form and your payment so it is received by the OBCE prior to your Renewal Date. (A $125 penalty for each week or partial week is assessed for mailings after the Renewal Date).  
  • If you have NOT completed your CE by your Renewal Date, DO NOT attempt to renew.  If necessary, plan to pay the Late Renewal Penalty with your license renewal fee​ when the CE hours are finished.
  • IF you want to change your License Status, READ the section below "Changing your License Status."  If afterward you have additional questions, call the OBCE at (503) 373-1573.

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Payments & Submission

License Renewal payments (VISA or Mastercard) will be accepted through the OBCE's Online Renewal Application at https://apps.oregon.gov/application/OBCE/elicense

When submitting a paper renewal, allowable forms of payment are: check, money order, cashier's check, or debit/credit card.  

Checks, money orders and cashier's checks should be made payable to the OBCE.  To pay by debit/credit card, download the Credit Card Authorization form from this website/Forms and Publications.   

Payment should be mailed WITH the completed Renewal Notice & Affidavit to: 

          Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners
          3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 150 
          Salem, OR 97302

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Changing your License Status

Changing your license status is allowed. For multiple reasons licensees leave the state to practice elsewhere. Please consider initially changing your license status to Inactive (with a $225 fee and no CE) rather than dropping it completely (letting it lapse).  If you drop your Oregon license, you will be required to re-apply and re-test after 12 months have lapsed.
A change from Active TO Inactive
  1. Online: you will be asked one of the following:  a) Have you completed the appropriate CE (for an active license); b) Are you maintaining an Inactive license; or c) Do you wish to forfeit (let lapse)your license? 
  2. The Inactive fee will be $225. 
  3. With any change to Inactive or Lapse, please provide a valid mailing address, telephone number, and email 
  4. IMPORTANT: Provide additional written notice to the OBCE as to how patients may access their files. (The OBCE is not a repository, but a resource for the patient.)  
A change from Inactive TO Active (allowed IF less than five years inactive, or practicing in another state) *
  1. Online: Check the box to verify that you have completed the appropriate CE - this infers a change to an active license status. 
  2. The active renewal fee is $425, unless you qualify for Senior Active (see terminology above) 
  3. In addition, with this change in status, you must submit to the OBCE
  • Proof of CE hours (including any specific hrs the OBCE may have designated in the previous 12 months); the number of hours are determined by the active status for which you qualify, and
  • A license verification from another state where you may have practiced at least one of the past five years while you maintained your Inactive Oregon license. The verification must state whether the license was active, is in good-standing and whether there is, or has been, any disciplinary action against your license prior to the date of your status change.

* If a licensee has maintained an Oregon Inactive license for five or more years, he/she must submit proof of competence prior to the issuance of an active license.  Please read the OBCE's Inactive to Active Policy.

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The "Grace" Period and Late Renewal Penalty

As defined in the Terminology above, the Grace Period is the 30 days immediately following your Renewal Date.
The "grace" given to you by the Board is that you MAY practice during this period, however, for failing to renew in a timely manner, you will be assessed the $125  late renewal fee per week, or partial week,.  The fee begins at the 1st day of the Grace Period; the fee will accrue until the maximum of $500 is reached. 
IF you are submitting your Renewal Notice & CE Affidavit during the Grace Period, you will automatically be assessed the Late Renewal Penalty.  Your license will not be issued until the full payment is received
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Renewal Notice Form

A paper Renewal Notice/Affidavit form may be submitted if you do not have internet access (an option for an indefinite time);
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Senior Active Status Application Form

If a licensee is 60 years of age, AND has been practicing at least 25 years in Oregon and/or any other states, he/she may apply for the Senior Active license status.  The fee is reduced and the number of continuing education credits required is reduced.  

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