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Laws/Rules for Chiropractic Profession

Proposed & Permanent Rule Adoptions, Amendments, or Deletions

UPDATE (9/16/2014) 
September 15, 2014 The Board of Chiropractic Examiners adopted OAR 811-035-0015 regarding unprofessional conduct.  The amendment makes entering into confidential agreements which may interfere with a board proceeding unprofessional conduct. ​ The adopted language can be read by CLICKING HERE​ 

July 17, 2014
  The Board of Chiropractic Examiners held another rule hearing for comment regarding the Chiropractic Assistant rule proposal (to add vitals to allowable tasks), Record keeping (minimum requirements) and Unprofessional Conduct (confidential agreements).  The Board adopted the final proposed language for the CA and the Record Keeping rules; they held off taking final action on the Unprofessional Conduct rule until the Association has an opportunity to comment (by Sept. 2014 meeting). 

The adopted language can be read by clicking on the following links:  
The draft language to be reviewed (and possibly finalized in September) can be viewed here: 

April 15, 2014 Today the Board filed a Notice of Rulemaking to Repeal the dry needling rule OAR 811-015-0036. The Board will vote on the Repeal at its May 22, 2014 board meeting.

March 17, 2014
 The Board held a hearing to discuss and review the following three rules: OAR 811-010-0110 Chiropractic Assistants, 811-010-0120 Chiropractic Professional Corporation and Business Entity Majority Ownership, and 811-015-0005 Records.  1) There was no movement on the Majority Ownership rule. 2) The Board will continue to work on the CA rule language regarding the concept of tier licensure, but for now proposes to amend the rule for minor edits ("clean up") regarding the taking of vitals (an add). The proposed CA language is attached to the Rule Hearing Notice.  3) The Board DID make a motion to rehear the Records language and hopes to adopt that language at he next hearing May 22, 2014.  Read the proposed language within the Notice of Proposed Rule Hearing for Record Keeping.

January 23, 2014​  The proposed "Master of the Ship" language was revised and adopted into OAR 811-035-0015 Unprofessional Conduct (new section 25).  Read the amendment from this link: 
811-035-0015.  An IMPORTANT part to the rule amendment is the Board's adopted Policy and Intent Statement.  Please CLICK "Intent Statement" to read the new policy.  

In addition, the Board proposed to go into rulemaking this same day regarding these three rules:  811-010-0110 Chiropractic Assistants, 811-015-0005 Records, and 811-010-0120 Chiropractic Professional Corporation and Business Entity Majority Ownership.  Watch for Rule Hearing Notices on the OBCE's home page under What's Happening.



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Oregon Revised Statutes

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Oregon Administrative Rules

Chapter 811 Chiropractic Administrative Rules 

Chapter 333 R​adiation Protective Services (Division 100 - 120)​

Chapter 436 Workers Compensation Rules - (Refer to the citations below)

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