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Projects and Programs Funded by the Office of Child Care

Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education

Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education 
Center for Career Development
The Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education  (OCCD) provides leadership in the development and operation of integrated and statewide professional development standards and systems. OCCD promotes professional development to achieve high quality care and education for children and youth, and creates and supports training and education. 
The Oregon Registry: Pathways for Professional Recognition in Childhood Care and Education is a voluntary, statewide program to document and recognize the professional achievements of people who work in the childhood care and education profession. 
The Oregon Registry Trainer Program offers voluntary certification for trainers and adult educators in the childhood care and education profession. The Oregon Registry Trainer Program also offers support for trainers and adult educators as they enhance their adult education knowledge and skills and develop high quality community-based training sessions. 
The Oregon Registry Trainer Program includes three types of certified trainers: 
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Child Care Research Partnership

Child Care Research Partnership 
Child Care Research Partnership
Child Care Research Partnership 
The mission of the Child Care Research Partnership is to ensure that basic information about childhood care and education in Oregon is current, accurate, and available on local, regional, and state levels and is accessible to all decision-makers. 
The Oregon Child Care Research Partnership conducts research related to child care policy at the local and state levels. The Partnership also works on national-level research through participation in the Child Care Bureau’s Child Care Policy Research Consortium, a collaboration of child care policy researchers who work together to build the body of knowledge about child care at the state and national levels. The Child Care Bureau within the Administration for Children and Families of the federal Department of Health and Human Services is the organization that leads national efforts to inform child care policy through research. 
Research Activities  
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Department of Human Services, Integrated Child Care Program

Child care 
Parent information
Provider information
**Providers become eligible for payment from DHS on or after the date they have completed the provider listing process and are in approved status. No payments can be made for care provided before the listing process is complete. Providers can complete and follow instructions on the Pre-list form to ensure that they are eligible for DHS payments.  
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Inclusive Child Care Program

Inclusive Child Care Program 
Inclusive Child Care Program
No matter what their abilities or needs,
all children are children first.
Goals of The Inclusive Child Care Program are: 
  1. To support access to appropriate child care for families of children with disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, or special health care needs;  and,
  2. To help children be in inclusive child care settings with their peers.
The Inclusive Child Care Program supports
children, families, child care providers and communities through the following services:
  • Child care subsidies: The program coordinates subsidies that can help with costs of accommodations or supports when they are necessary for safe, healthy child care. Families may be eligible when parents are employed, students, or receiving child care assistance through the Oregon Department of Human Services.  Family income must be less than $5,107 per month for a family of 4. Eligible children and youth may be birth to 17 years of age and need a higher level of care and supervision.
  • Training and Consultation: Supports child care providers in their efforts to include children with diverse abilities and needs.
  • Information on community, state and national resources: Supports inclusive child care.
How is “inclusive child care” different?
All child care and out-of-school time programs have the potential to be fully inclusive. Inclusive child care means that children and youth with and without disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, or special health care needs are together in child care or 
out-of-school time programs.  It also means that all children 
and youth participate in the setting’s daily routines and activities.  
The Inclusive Child Care Program serves children and families
throughout Oregon.
To make referrals or for more information, please contact:
Inclusive Child Care Program
Portland: 971-673-2286
Toll free: 1-866-837-0250
Mailing Address: 600 NW 14th Ave., Suite 100,
Portland, OR  97209
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OregonASK (After School for Kids)

OregonASK is a collaboration of public and private organizations and community members who seek to address common issues and concerns across all out-of-school time services - child care, recreation, education and youth development. 

To support, expand and advocate for quality out-of-school time programs and activities for children, youth, and families throughout Oregon. 
All Oregon children, youth and families will have access to quality out-of-school time options within their communities. All services will enhance children's positive development and future opportunities, while keeping them safe from harm. All programs, services and activities will be of high quality and will contribute to strong communities and schools. 
  • Develop, gather and share resources, including information and technical assistance, which support and sustain high quality out-of-school time programs;
    • Promote professional development, program standards, child/youth outcomes, best practices, and program evaluation;
      • Affect policy and strengthen public will at both state and local levels; and
        • Communicate effectively with and provide meaningful ways of involvement for partners, stakeholders, consumers, beneficiaries and champions.
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        Central Coordination of Child Care Resource and Referral


        The Central Coordination of Child Care Resource and Referral provides leadership and technical assistance 
        for 13 CCR&R programs serving all communities in Oregon. Their mission includes supporting families and early childhood child care and education providers in meaningful and responsive ways. They advocate for policy to improve accessibility of quality child care and promote multiculturalism among diverse communities. They support quality standards and competencies for childhood care and education and align services with the state Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). 
        Central Coordination promotes strategic communication and 
        collaboration, informing research projects at state and federal levels. 

        To search for child care online, click here

        To find the Resource and Referral agency in your area, click here


        CCR&R Advisory Committee


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        Special Populations

        Special Populations 
        Parents identified for Special Populations services include: 
        • parents engaged in migrant and seasonal farm work;
        • teen parents enrolled in high school completion or GED programs;
        • parents participating in state-approved women-
          specific substance abuse treatment programs; and 
        • children with disabilities who need access to child care.   
        Parents identified for Special Populations services have access to child care through contracts with community based programs. Parents requesting their own choice of care may receive a certificate
        to purchase another option. 

        For more information, contact Early Learning Division Programs
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        Teen Parent Program, Department of Education

        Teen Parent Program 
        Teen Parent Program
        The Oregon Department of Education provides grants to school districts for both the Start-Up and Enhancement of high school based Teen Parent and Child Development programs. Funds for the program come from federal Child Care and Development Block Grants through the Oregon Office of Child Care. Definitions for these programs are found on our website here. 

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        Virtual Degree Project

        Virtual Degree Project 
        The Virtual Degree Project is an innovative strategy to increase the accessibility for child care professionals to continue their education and receive college credit in exchange for experience. 
        Click here for more information. 
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