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Oregon organic cost share reimbursement program
Program overview
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The Organic Cost Share Reimbursement Program funding is contingent on the passage of the Farm Bill (Agricultural Reform, Food and Job Act of 2012). 

The program provides reimbursement to growers, processors and handlers who obtain organic certification from USDA accredited certifiers (certifying to National Organic Program standards). Currently no reimbursement funds are available.

How to apply for reimbursement

Qualifying Period
Application form Application due date
No grant funds available

For specific questions related to applying for organic certification reimbursements, check our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Eligibility Questions
Q. This is the first year my farm/operation will be organic certified and I've already paid fees for my certification, but have not had my inspection yet.  Can I apply for reimbursement?
A. No, you must wait until your certification process is completed and you have proof of your certification from your certifier.
My farm/operation is being re-certified this year.  When can I apply for reimbursement?
You may apply for reimbursement once per year for all certificaiton expenses incurred from October 1, 2011-September 30, 2012 or once you are eligible for the maximum reimbursement.
Can I apply for reimbursement if a new or small organic certifier certifies me?
A. Any certifications done by a USDA accredited certifier are eligible.

Application Form Questions
What is the application process for a first-time applicant?
Once you receive proof of certificaiton from an accredited certifying agent, you may complete the application form, W-9 form, submit a copy of your itemized fee invoice and a copy of your certificaiton and apply for reimbursement.
What is the application process for renewal applicants?
If you have been previously certified and are in good standing with USDA you may complete the application form, W-9 form and submit a copy of your itemized fee invoice and apply for reimbursement.
Q. I’ve applied for reimbursement in previous years and didn’t have to attach a W-9 form before. Why do I have to do this now?
A. Reporting requirements have changed.
Q.  I have previously submitted a W-9 form to the Oregon Department of Agriuclture.  Do I need to send a W-9 form each year?
Yes, this keeps the information updated and is required for the reimbursement process.
Q. I have one of your old application forms. Can I pencil in the current dates and use it?
A. If possible, please complete a current application form and W-9 form.
Q. Can I attach a copy of my cancelled check as proof of payment?
A. No, please submit a copy of your itemized invoice for certification related expenses.  See below for a list of eligible expenses.
Q. What other documentation is required along with my application form and W-9?
A. If newly certified or submitting a first time request for reimbursement, you must provide a copy of your itemized fee invoice AND proof of completing the certification.  Subsequent year requests: submit a copy of your itemized fee invoice. 

Payment Questions
Can inspection fees be included in my reimbursement request?
A. Yes, all allowable fees that are part of your regular certificaiton process should be included.  Late fees to your certifier are not eligible for reimbursement.
What are considered allowable and unallowable certification costs?
See chart below.  This list is meant to be demonstrative, not exhaustive.  If you have questions, please contact us.
Allowable costs
Unallowable costs
  • Application fees
  • Inspection costs
  • First-time USDA National Organic Program certification fees
  • Travel costs/per diem for organic inspectors
  • User fees/sales assessments
  • Postage
  • Late fees
  • Inspections due to violations of NOP regulations
  • Any charges related to certifications other than USDA organic
  • Transitional certifications
  • Materials and supplies
  • Equipment
My certification fees were $2,500 and I requested 75% reimbursement of $1,500 but I only received $750. 
A.  The maximum amount you may receive is $750 per certificate or category of certification, per year.
Will you run out of funds before my certification renewal is completed?
We process completed eligible applications on a first-come-first-serve basis so there are no guarantees.
How long will it take to receive reimbursement? 
Please allow 4-6 weeks to process your complete application and receive your check.  Note, your reimbursement will be delayed if the application is missing documentation.