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Non-traditional animals
Exotic animals
Importing exotic animals on the following list is not allowed:
  • non-human primates
  • bears
  • non-indigenous canines (except domestic dogs)
  • non-indigenous felines (except domestic cats)
  • crocodillians
For questions regarding Exotic Animal Permits, call Oregon Department of Agriculture, at 503-986-4680.
Other unusual pets
ODA has no rules restricting or prohibiting private ownership of non-traditional pets, whether mammals, birds, or reptiles (even venomous ones).  The Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife or your city or county government agencies may have such regulations.
However, ODA does have regulations on import of many kinds of animals including livestock, pets, poultry and other birds. (Yes, a single pet pheasant, chicken, or duck counts as poultry.)

Non-traditional livestock
Some people are raising what may best be called "non-traditional" livestock: reindeer, ostrich and emu, water buffalo, and American bison among others. Although perhaps not what we normally think of when we think of ranching, these animals do not fall under the Oregon Department of Agriculture's definition of exotic animals, nor does the Department of Agriculture have special requirements for keeping them in Oregon.
However, we do have regulations on import of any animal which may carry diseases which affect livestock or other animals or humans. Call 503-986-4680 for import requirements. Please have the scientific name as well as the common name of all species you are considering importing and the name, address, and USDA license number of the seller. We will research disease control issues and respond as quickly as possible.

Wildlife species
Aardvarks and antelopes, kinkajous and kangaroos, and penguins and pheasants.
These and other animals welre not accustomed to seeing every day, may fall under Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife rules. Call ODFW at 503-947-6300 to find out if there are special requirements for holding a particular wildlife species (native or non-native; mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, or fish).
For import requirements for wildlife species, call 503-986-4680. Please have scientific name of animal and name, address, and USDA license number of seller when you call. Wild captured mammals may not be imported.

Found animals
If an unusual animal shows up on your property and you don't know who the owner is, we recommend you contact your County Animal Control Office or County Sheriff''s Office.
Note: Some counties have County Dog Control. By law they can't deal with anything but dogs. If this is the case in your county, call the Sheriff's Office.

Other regulatory agencies
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife [ODFW] has regulations for holding native species and for species which could pose a threat to native species. Call 503-947-6300 for details.
USDA APHIS Animal Care requires licensing or registration for exhibitors, breeders, and dealers of many exotic or wildlife species (mammals only). Call 916-857-6205 for further details.
US Fish & Wildlife Service requires a permit to hold birds of prey (raptors: owls, falcons, hawks, kestrels, etc) and has information about requirements for holding threatened or endangered species. Call the Portland office at 503-682-6131.
Local jurisdictions may require owners of "exotic" pets to meet special requirements. Check with your city or county zoning compliance office or animal control office for details.