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Cereal leaf beetle
clb larvae  
Cereal leaf beetle larvae, image provided by ODA IPPM.
Pest Exclusion Advisory No. 07-2014

The Commodity Inspection Program has a certificate of origin program in place for shippers of hay into California from counties that are considered free of cereal leaf beetle (CLB)
CLB, a pest of small grains and grasses, has entered Oregon and is gradually spreading throughout the state. Oats are the favored host followed by barley, wheat, and various grasses including Timothy. Both larvae and adults feed between the leaf veins, especially on the flag leaf. Damaged leaves have white stripes or slits. Heavily infested fields have a silvery appearance. Biological controls have been quite successful in other parts of the country at keeping damage below levels that require treatment. ODA and USDA have made parasite releases in Oregon to help reduce CLB damage.
California Department of Food and Agriculture has an exterior quarantine on cereal leaf beatle. The following information is subject to change but is offered to assist in shipping quarantined commodities into California.
California quarantined commodities:
Small grains such as barley, oats and wheat; grass and forage seed; ear corn; straw and hay, including marsh hay (Spartina patens), (pelletized is not covered) and used harvesting equipment or machinery.
For information on the following commodities, contact the ODA Plant Program Area : grass sod; fodder and plant litter and cut or balled Christmas trees of Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris), red pine (Pinus resinosa), and Austrain pine (Pinus nigra), including all subspecies thereof.
Baled hay/straw may be shipped into California without certification from any Oregon county but is subject to inspection at California inspection stations.
Grass seed, forage seed or small grains may be shipped into California if cleaned and packed in closed containers wighing 100 pounds or less. For shipments in containers larger than 100 pounds a permit is needed.
All grass seed, forage seed or small grains shipped into California are subject to inspection upon arrival in California.
Contact Commodity Inspection Program before shipping quarantined commodities into California or Canada.
Contact the Commodity Inspection Program at: cid-expert@oda.state.or.us or call Randy Black at 503-986-4620.