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About Us
Welcome to the Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Program.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Program is to help prevent the spread of foodborne illness.
Each year, 1 in 6 Americans get sick from and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases. Reducing foodborne illness by 10% would keep 5 million Americans from getting sick each year. preventing a single fatal case of Escherichia coli 0157 infrction could save an estimated $7 million. 

Performance Measures
We accomplish our mission of preventing foodborne illness by monitoring Oregon's food industry and enforcing state sanitation laws. We also work to make sure that the consumer gets food that is not contaminated, mislabeled, misrepresented or changed in any way that would impair safety, wholesomeness or purity. Our staff of Food Safety Specialists routinely inspect food establishments throughout Oregon and work directly with food establishments to help ensure proper food handling, storage and processing practices are followed.  During the inspections, we emphasize the foodlborne illness risk factors identified by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.  These include, food source, personal health and hygiene, hot/cold-holding temperatures, cooking temperatures, and clean equipment, including the prevention of cross contamination. 
Food safety begins at the farm and ends at the consumer's table. The food chain includes the steps that food undergoes from food production, processing, storage, and transportation, until prepared by consumers. The Oregon Food Safety Program works with the producers of your food to assure its safety. Production of safe food begins at the farm, and continues with the processors, retailers, and even you, the consumer.  

Oregon Department of Agriculture 2009-2010 Annual Progress Report


To keep Oregon's food supply safe, we inspect and license all food outlets in Oregon, except restaurants.In total, 10,000 outlets are covered in the following four program areas:
  • In our food program, we license retail grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets, egg handlers, food processors, food storage warehouses, home kitchens, beverage processors and locker plants.
  • In our dairy program, we license dairy farms and dairy processors.
  • In our seafood program we license wholesale seafood processors.
  • In our shellfish program we license shellfish distributors, growers, harvesters, repackers, reshippers, shellstock shippers and shucker-packers. 


Program Director:
Vance Bybee, JD

Office Manager:
Karen Apiado

Program Manager:
Frank Barcellos

Program Magager:
Dawn Smith

Field Operations Manager
Monica Durazo

Field Operations Manager
Terry Hill

Food Safety Specialists

Manufacturing Specialist
John Burr

Dairy Specialist
Janice Chellis

Cottage Food Specialist
Will Fargo

Shellfish Specialist
Alex Manderson​

Drinking Water Specialist
Sarah Schwab

Retail Food Safety Positions Available!​
Contact the Salem Central Office: