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Laws and regulations


Retail food
Operating a retail food store means the preparing, packaging, storing, handling or displaying of food for sale at retail to the consumer or user, and may include produce trimming, processed meat slicing, cheese slicing, preparing gutted and filleted fish, and providing retail customer services to change the form of food such as juice squeezing or peanut grinding. A retail food store would include sell of packaged foods, food for immediate consumption, bulk food, seafood and produce.

Food processing and food warehouses
Food processing means the cooking, baking, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, churning, separating, extracting, cutting, freezing or otherwise manufacturing a food or changing the physical characteristics of a food, and the packaging, canning or otherwise enclosing of such food in a container, but does not mean the sorting, cleaning or water rinsing of a food.
Food storage warehouse means any building or place where food is stored as a commercial venture or business, or stored in connection with or as a part of a commercial venture or business, but does not include a home, restaurant, rooming house, hotel or similar place where food is stored to be used or consumed by the owner or served to employees, customers, or guests, nor an establishment licensed by the department under other laws.

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A bakery means any place, premises or establishment where any bakery product is regularly prepared, processed or manufactured for sale other than for consumption on the premises where originally prepared, processed or manufactured. Bakery product includes bread, rolls, cakes, pies, doughnuts, cookies, biscuits, crackers and all similar goods, to be used for human food.
ORS 625 Bakeries and Bakery Products
OAR 603 Division 21 (005 - 0612) Bakeries
OAR 603 Division 25 Food Establishment Standards and Standards for Retail Food Service Activities (see 603-025-0200 for domestic kitchen bakeries)
OAR 603-025-0300 Food Code (for retail bakeries)
Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations​ (for wholesale bakeries)
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Meat animal means any vertebrate animal, except fish and aquatic mammals, not otherwise prohibited by law for sale for human consumption.
ORS 603 Meat Dealers and Slaughterers
ORS 619​ Labeling and Inspection of Meat and Meat Food Products
OAR 603 Division 13 Slaughter of Animals & Processing of Animal Products for Animal Pet Foods
OAR 603 Division 28 Meat Product and Establishments
OAR 603-25-0030 Food Code
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Eggs or shell eggs means eggs in the shell from chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or any other species of fowl.
ORS 632 (632.705-632.815) Grades, Standards and Labels for Agricultural and Horticultural Products
OAR 603 Division 22 Eggs
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Shellfish is defined as:
All edible species of oysters, either shucked or in the shell, fresh or frozen, shell or in part and intended for human consumption.
All edible species of clams, either shucked or in the shell, fresh or frozen, whole or in part and intended for human consumption.
All edible species of mussels, either shucked or in the shell, fresh or frozen, whole or in part and intended for human consumption.
All edible species of scallops, either shucked or in the shell, fresh or frozen, whole or in part, except when the final product is the shucked adductor muscle only, and intended for human consumption.
ORS 622 Shellfish
OAR 603 Division 100 Shellfish Sanitation
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Milk means the lacteal secretion of cows, sheep and goats.
Dairy products are defined as butter; all varieties of cheese, frozen desserts and frozen dessert mixes containing milk, cream or nonfat milk solids; evaporated, condensed, concentrated, powdered, dried or fermented milk, whey, cream and skimmed milk.
ORS 621 Milk; Dairy Products; Substitutes
OAR 603 Division 24  Definitions and Standards of Identity, Labeling and Other Regulations Relating to Fluid Milk and Dairy Products
 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO)​

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Non alcoholic beverages

A nonalcoholic beverage manufacturing business manufactures, makes, bottles, handles, distributes, holds for sale, or sells soda or soda waters, mineral waters, carbonated beverages and other nonalcoholic drinks or beverages otherwise known as soft drinks.
ORS 635 Nonalcoholic Beverages
OAR 603 Division 21 (0709-0760) Nonalcoholic Beverage Regulations - see section 0709 at the end of the bakery regulations

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Refrigerated Lockers

A refrigerated locker plant is any place, premises or establishment where separate and individual compartments for frozen food storage and preservation of food for human consumption are offered to the public upon a rental or other basis providing compensation to the person offering such services.
ORS 628 Refrigerated Lockers
OAR 603 Division 17 Refrigerated Lockers
OAR 603 Division 25 General standards only (603-025-0020)

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General information

Oregon Agriculture rules and laws. Oregon Administrative Rules and Oregon Revised Statutes for all program areas of ODA. 
Law regarding embargo powers 
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