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Shellfish Plat Information Sheet
Information sheet for the Shellfish Plat Application
(Please read before completing application)
  1. Applications: ORS 622.210-220 authorizes the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to receive, investigate, evaluate and approve or deny oyster, mussel and clam culture plat lease applications for state-owned estuary lands. ORS 622.230 and 622.250 direct that a shellfish plat application set forth the legal description, with acreage specified, of state estuary land sought for lease. ODA suggests that applicants seek professional survey assistance in preparing the legal description and associated mapping. The applicant should verify with the county assessor's office that estuary land proposed in the application is state-owned.

  2. Map: The application is to be accompanied by a map outlining the proposed plat, based on the legal description. The map is to be prepared with reference to the Public Lands Survey and show the section lines and quarter-quarter section lines in the vicinity. The map should also show the shoreline and other topographical features when possible. The map utilized by ODA to identify state owned lands for shellfish plats is provided by the Oregon Department of State Lands, 503-378-3805.

  3. Publication of Notice: ORS 622.250 requires that a shellfish plat applicant publish a notice of the application once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the proposed plat is located. The notice must state the applicant's name, the type of operation proposed (i.e., raft culture, bottom culture or stake culture), and describe the area wherein the proposed oyster cultivation would occur. The notice should include the legal description. Public notification is required to inform the general public of the applicant's intent and to allow the public an opportunity to submit opinions and testimony to the department. It is suggested that at the time notice is placed with the newspaper, the applicant request that an "Affidavit of Publication" be issued by the newspaper in duplicate, and that the original copy be sent by the newspaper or the applicant directly to ODA. The affidavit must be received by ODA before plat application approval will be granted.

  4. Application Fee: Each plat application must be accompanied by a $250 filing fee. Checks are to be made to the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

  5. General Information: Upon receipt of a shellfish plat application, and associated fee, map, legal description and affidavit, ODA will circulate it to and solicit comments from appropriate local, state, and federal agencies. Additionally, the local land use planning agencies will be asked to verify whether the proposed use of estuary land is consistent with "acknowledged comprehensive land use plans." In lieu of an acknowledged comprehensive land use plan, comments received from agencies and the public in response to the public notice will be used to analyze whether or not the proposed lease complies with relevant statewide land use planning goals. Should an applicant have any questions or otherwise need to contact ODA concerning an oyster plat application, please contact the Natural Resources Program Area, Oregon Department of Agriculture, 635 Capitol Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301, or phone 503-986-4700.
Upon receipt of opinions and testimony from the public and appropriate agencies, ODA will prepare a "Finding of Facts and Conclusions" and issue an Grant Certificate to the applicant, or deny the request.