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The Purchase of RUP is category specific

Pesticide Dealers play an important role in controlling the sale and distribution of restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) in Oregon. Dealers are required to prepare and maintain specific record information for each sale or distribution of a RUP, ensuring that RUPs only end up in the hands of properly licensed certified applicators or consultants. Dealers must also verify that the purchasers’ license identifies the appropriate category for the product’s labeled use. An example of an unlawful distribution would be selling or distributing a RUP rodenticide to a certified applicator with the agriculture herbicide category. In this case, the certified applicator would need the agriculture vertebrate pest category. Another example might be the sale or distribution of a RUP to a licensed consultant that does not have the Research and Demonstration endorsement. Please note that many RUPs identify labeled uses that span multiple license categories. For example, forestry products might also contain right-of-way uses listed on the label. These products may be sold or distributed to individuals with either the forest or right-of-way category. While private applicator licenses do not identify specific license categories, dealers are encouraged to inquire with the purchaser information about the intended use, to help prevent potential misuse of the product.

Pesticide applicators should not attempt to purchase or use RUPs that are outside the scope of their license. Help your dealer stay in compliance by doing the following things:

  • Provide your license for each RUP purchase. Don’t give your dealer a “hard time” about showing your license.
  • Have the right categories. Commercial and public pesticide applicators’ categories must match the pesticide(s) being purchased.
  • If you are a consultant, purchase RUPs only for demonstration or experimental use. The Private Pesticide Applicator License is required for RUPs used on your own farm.
  • If you are a trainee, you may not purchase RUPs. Instead, have your supervisor make the purchase.
  • Remember: Dealers have the right to refuse the sale if they suspect you are not properly licensed to use the product.