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Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey
clb damagesurveying for clbclb damage on corn
Survey Objectives: Survey uninfested Oregon counties for cereal leaf beetle to comply with external quarantine regulations and to be proactive in detecting new infestations that might be included in the biocontrol program. ODA has conducted statewide surveys for CLB in uninfested counties since 1999 when it was first discovered in the state.

Survey Technique: Sweep netting and visual survey are used to detect the adult and larval stages of CLB. Fields are chosen in each county based on host with preference given to managed oat, barley, and wheat fields. Twenty fields per county are chosen for survey. If fields cannnot be located then suitable roadside grasses may be used. Survey technicians do 120 sweeps (three sets of 40) per site or spend ten minutes searching.

Identification of Specimens: All suspect samples are stored in resealable plastic bags and sent to the entomology lab in Salem where they are examined by an entomologist for CLB.

What if Detected: Commodities shipped from within the county must meet certification guidelines of the quarantine. The ODA and USDA try to incorporate that county and known CLB populations if possible into the biological control program.

Survey Results: After the end of each season when all surveys have taken place the results are published in the Plant Division Annual Report.