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Imported Fire Ant Survey
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae

Scientific name: Solenopsis invicta Buren
Common name: Imported fire ant (IFA)
fire ant bait
imported fire ant queen
eradicating ifa from boxcar in Salem
Survey Objectives: To monitor Oregon for imported fire ant, and if detected, implement an eradication program. ODA conducted statewide surveys for IFA from 1999 to 2002. In 2006 surveying continued at high risk sites and sites with suspect IFA reported by concerned citizens.
Survey Technique: Bait such as SPAM luncheon meat or pelleted cat food are placed in small plastic baskets and set at intervals along the ground at high risk sites. Examples of high risk sites are new housing developments, fairgrounds, zoos, railroad yards, nurseries, and beehive holding yards.
Identification of Specimens: All ants are collected by dipping and swishing the baskets with baits into a container with a liquid preservative. All samples are examined by an entomologist for IFA.
What if Detected: If IFA is detected, more surveying would take place immediately or the following spring. Then, if IFA is confirmed, an eradication plan would follow.
Survey Results: After the end of each season when a survey has taken place the results are published in the Plant Division Annual Report.
Photo credit:
fire ant queen: USDA APHIS Program Aid Number 1420