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Control Area -- Yellow Dwarf -- Yamhill and Washington Counties
(1) A control area is established within the boundaries described in section (2) of this rule, all in Yamhill and Washington Counties, for the protection of the onion industry against the introduction into or the spread within that area of yellow dwarf disease of onions.
(2) The area is described beginning at N.W. corner of section 2, Yamhill County, extending south between sections 2 and 3, approximately 27.75 chains to north line of Bridge farmer donation land claim at the N.W. corner of L.O. Griebler (or Taylor) 63 acre farm; thence southwesterly following the westerly line of said tract approximately 41 chains; thence south 75 degrees 21 minutes east 19.11 chains; thence south 70 degrees 50 minutes east 6.49 chains; thence south 23 degrees 27 minutes west 12.90 chains to center of County Road 269, 31.75 chains to the most southerly corner of the David Bridge farmer claim; thence easterly about 40 rods to the N.E. corner of the S.E. 1/4 of the N.W. 1/4 of section 11, Township 2 S., Range 4 W; thence south approximately 22 chains to center of County Road 268; thence easterly along center of said County Road approximately 12-1/2 chains to the westerly line of the Rose Crunican 100 acre tract; thence southerly along the westerly line of said Crunican tract approximately 19 chains to the S.W. Corner of said Crunican tract; thence east approximately 11.50 chains to the N.W. corner of the Frank Phillips tract; thence south along the west line of the Frank Phillips tract 20 chains to the south line of section 11; thence east along county road 267 approximately 14 chains to the S.E. corner of section 11; thence south along a line between sections 13 and 14, approximately 35 chains to the center of the State Highway; thence southwesterly along the line of the State Highway to a line between the Kate A. Branda (or G. and M. Anderson) Farm and the C.W. McConahey (or James H. and Florence M. Jones) farm; thence east along said line about 18 chains to the center of the old County Road 273; thence northeasterly along County Road 273 approximately 3/4 mile to the intersection with Market Road No. 4; thence southeasterly following center of Market Road No. 4 about 1 mile; thence easterly still following Market Road No. 4 about 1/2 mile to intersection of County Road 116; thence north-westerly along County Road 116 about 3/4 mile to north line of section 18 being terminus of County Road 116 in Yamhill County; thence continuing northerly in sections 7 and 6, Township 2S., Range 3 W., W.M. in the center of Washington County Road No. A-28 and A-83 to the intersection of County Road A-83 with east line of section 36, Township 1 S., Range 4 W., W.M.; thence north in the center of the County Road along the east line of said section 36 to the southerly terminus of County Road 269; thence northerly in the center of County Road 269 to the N.E. corner of said section 36; thence west along the north line of said section 36 approximately 3/4 mile to its intersection with the center of the Tualatin River; thence upstream in the center of said river to the west line of section 35, Township 1 S., Range 4 W., W.M.; thence south to the N.W. corner of section 2, Township 2 S., Range 4 W., W.M., and the place of beginning.
(3) The following methods of eradication and control are declared to be the proper methods to be used in the Control Area described in section (2) of this rule, to provide for the eradication from and prevention of the introduction into that area of yellow dwarf disease of onions:
(a) No onions may be produced within the Control Area except by the planting of seed. The production of onions by the use of green plants, onion sets, or bulbs is prohibited;
(b) All onion culls and waste onions shall be destroyed in a manner or by a method that will completely prevent growth, prior to March 1, or immediately after sorting in the case of any onions sorted after that date;
(c) All onions in common storage in which Aphid are found shall be removed from the Control Area prior to April 1, and such infested storage houses and adjoining premises shall be completely cleaned of all onion bulbs following such removal. All onions in such storage in which aphis are not found prior to April 1 shall be subject to reinspection, and if Aphid are found present shall be immediately removed from the district and the houses and premises shall be thoroughly cleaned;
(d) All onions remaining in fields within the Control Area after harvest shall be destroyed prior to November 1, of the current year, and in the event any remain in the field after this cleanup, they shall be removed and destroyed prior to March 1 of the following year;
(e) All onion bulbs remaining in seed producing areas within the Control Area shall be removed and destroyed prior to November 1.
(4) Any person, firm, or corporation that violates either in whole or in part, any of the provisions of this section, upon conviction shall be subject to the penalties provided in ORS 570.990.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 570
Stats. Implemented: ORS 561.190, 561.510 - 561.600, 570.305, 570.405 & 570.410 - 570.415
Hist.: AD 204, f. 3-16-45, ef. 4-1-45: DOA 1-2006, f. &æcert. ef. 1-13-06