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Jackson County Cooperative Weed Management Area
Affiliated Counties or Partnership
Jackson County CWMA
Randy White, Lead Contact
573 Parsons Drive, Medord OR 97501
Phone:  541-734-3143
Email:  randy@jswcd.org
The following questions were answered by cooperators as part of an Oregon CWMA survey project in 2009.
CWMA Mission
Work cooperatively to promote and implement noxious weed control in Jackson County; to contain existing weed populations, and eradicate new invaders: to raise the value of the land economically and biologically, to improve the health of the community, promote stewardship, preserve natural resources and provide examples and leadership for other counties and states in effective vegetation management.
List the Cooperators involved in your CWMA.
Bureau of Land Management
US Forest Service
Jackson SWCD
Jackson County
The Nature Conservancy
Rogue Valley Council of Govt.
Oregon Parks and Recreation
Oregon State University Extension Service
What makes the structure of your CWMA successful?
Very informal, open and inviting.  Lots of enthusiasm and drive to accomplish the tasks.  We have strong support from key agencies including Jackson County, Jackson SWCD, BLM and Forest service.  There has been support from the Southwest Oregon RC&D Council in the start phase of this CWMA.
What is the highest priority species in your area?
We have not chosen one.
Describe your most valuable outreach/education tool.
Word of mouth, and internet connectivity through all the agencies involved.
What are some of your most successful on the ground accomplishments?
Our current goal is to facilitate projects and on-the ground work and implementation through partner organizations.  The group has held a half day weed workshop, co-sponsored a EDRR workshop, and held two weed tours.  We are planning a one-day, weed awareness event.  Hand-pulling weeds in the morning followed with a BBQ, raffle, and information sharing in the afternoon.  (much the same as Lets Pull Together in Deschutes Co.)
List your highest priority on the ground projects and why they are high priority.
We are focusing our collective energy on education and mobilizing private landowners.  Many large landowners are not aware of the impending difficulty they will have if certain species overtake their now productive lands.  We are very concerned about the appearance of garlic mustard in the riparian area of state park where it may easily spread if not contained.
What would you say is your CWMA's largest obstacle in the way of achieving your mission?
Complacency on the part of the public, decrease in available funding of government agencies, land ownership patterns