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Malheur Cooperative Weed Management Area
Affiliated Counties or Partnership
Malheur County CWMA
Gary Page, Coordinator
251 “B” St West, Vale, OR 97918
Phone: 541-473-5102
Email:  gpage@malheurco.org
The following questions were answered by cooperators as part of an Oregon CWMA survey project in 2009.
CWMA Mission
Promote early awareness as it concerns new invasive plants in our area. Seek out ways to involve the local community in weed management issues. Continue to work on the reduction or eradication of eight selected introduced plants.
List the Cooperators involved in your CWMA.
There are a fluctuating number of associated private landowners depending on the projects in a particular season. They range from large ranches in the 10s of thousands of acres to small acreages and even urbanites, if we really have such a thing as urbanites in Malheur County.  Of course most of the government agencies are heavily involved or strong supporters of the CWMA. Nearly 80% of the CWMA is under federal jurisdiction, mainly BLM so they are a major player and a great cooperator. The Bureau of Reclamation has also been involved in a number of CWMA projects. There are several State of Oregon agencies that are very helpful and willing participants in CWMA events and projects. Most notably are Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and Oregon Department of Transportation. Oregon Division of State Lands has also been very cooperative on more than one project where they had adjacent large blocks of land. The Malheur County Court and Road Department have also been very supportive.
What makes the structure of your CWMA successful?
The Malheur CWMA has been established for many years and has had times of energetic accomplishment and times of waning interest. The successes have been largely due to the close association the CWMA has with the Malheur County Weed Advisory Board, and its membership from interested agencies.
What is the highest priority species in your area?
Rush skeletonweed continues to be our highest priority. Initially it was confined to rangeland areas; it has recently intruded on production agricultural lands, which is extremely troubling.
Describe your most valuable outreach/education tool.
Holding landowner/community information meetings throughout the area addressing noxious weed concerns specific to each area. 
What are some of your most successful on the ground accomplishments?
The most successful so far has been the reversal of an outbreak of Leafy spurge in the far north of the CWMA territory. When discovered this invasion was well underway and covering about 250 acres scattered over a geographic area of about 8 square miles. This region of the CWMA is some of the most pristine landscape in terms of introduced plants. With help from Oregon Department of Agriculture and from the Vale Dist. BLM the CWMA has been able to mount a very aggressive control campaign and reduce the number of net acres to less than 100.
List your highest priority on the ground projects and why they are high priority.
So far, riparian protection has been the Malheur CWMA's highest priority. The CWMA is in the 8 inch precipitation zone and maybe riparian areas are more visible to folks and so perceived to be more important. In this arid region of Oregon new invasive sites generally appear in or near riparian areas first, so they have been target areas. Specifically, Leafy spurge has grab allot attention because it has moved into a remote stream area. Japanese knotweed has also recently been found on a few riparian sites.
What would you say is your CWMA's largest obstacle in the way of achieving your mission?
Besides the obvious and seemingly growing problem of inadequate funding, public apathy is a huge obstacle. Even with all the events and presentations and outreach, it is still so difficult to reach citizens with our message. This CWMA encompasses the only areas of urbanization in Malheur County and the CWMA has been trying to reach those town folks with the weeds message, which has been a big obstacle.
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