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Board of Agriculture completes state of the industry report

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The State Board of Agriculture has issued a biennial report to the governor and legislature that provides some recommendations important to the industry:

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The 2013 Oregon State of the Agriculture Industry Report is a 55-page document that provide a snapshot of ag’s competitiveness, challenges, and opportunities. Doug Krahmer (CRAY-mur) is chair of the Board of Agriculture:

KRAHMER:  “The reason we put this together is to educate our legislators on what’s important to agriculture. In some cases we’re reviewing what we’ve done that’s been good, and in some cases we’re bringing up things that potentially are going to be bad..”  :18

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The report features ten key issues critical to Oregon’s agricultural producers and processors including water quantity, transportation, food processing, labor, energy, taxes, soil and water quality, land use, local foods and small farms, and food safety. Each area needs attention from decision makers:

KRAHMER:  “We have the ability to address those issues, but it takes money. We can’t address those issues without the adequate funding that gets given to us.”  :13

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The report also draws comparisons between agriculture in Oregon and its neighboring states. It points out that Oregon lags the others in several key areas. The Board of Agriculture is hopeful that not only will the report be read, but it results in at least some policy decisions favorable to Oregon agriculture. In Salem, I’m Bruce Pokarney.

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KRAHMER says the biennial reports from the Board of Agriculture, mandated by law, have helped raise the board’s profile:

“The last two reports have been well received by the legislature. I believe our legislature is starting to take notice of these reports as they come through now.”  :16

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KRAHMER says these biennial industry reports is one of the most important documents and activities undertaken by the Board of Agriculture:

“When it comes to the legislative arena and getting help to solve our problems, this report is what we rely on to inform our legislators what it is we need.”  :13

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