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Celebrate Oregon Agriculture campaign ready for year two

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A campaign to increase the purchase, preparation, and consumption of healthy, locally produced food is entering its second year with growing support and momentum:

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In its first six months, the Celebrate Oregon Agriculture campaign has been reaching a target audience of parents and caregivers of school-aged children through television, print, and online efforts. Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba has been a lead spokesperson in TV ads promoting the campaign. Her tag line– “We’re Oregon agriculture, ask for it at your grocery store, farmers’ market, or restaurant”:

COBA:  “I’m so excited about this campaign. It really hits a target market that we are looking for in Oregon agriculture– people that maybe aren’t as necessarily familiar with it but really cherish local. To be able to highlight Oregon agriculture and talk about what it means to the state’s economy is very, very important.”  :17

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Special segments featuring locally grown agricultural products have been aired on KATU Channel 2 in Portland as part of the popular AM Northwest morning talk show. ODA Farm to School Program Manager Michelle Ratcliffe is regularly featured:

RATCLIFFE:  “In a short six months, we were able to feature over 47 great Oregon agricultural products. Things we featured about the products are the different forms they come in, like dried, fresh, canned, and frozen. We also talked about all the different places you can get Oregon agricultural products.” :16

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One of the campaigns objectives is to motivate parents and give them the knowledge and skills they need to have their children participate in growing, harvesting, cooking, and serving Oregon ag products. With a growing number of partners, the campaign is poised to expand its messaging to more Oregonians. In Salem, I’m Bruce Pokarney.

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COBA says the initial concept came from collaboration between ODA and others, primarily Ecotrust and its ediblePortland magazine. More partners have joined:

“We wanted to kick it off and we are hoping that others would see value in it, a variety of groups, and sign on and support it. That’s exactly what we are seeing, from producer groups to processors to grocery stores. It’s what we were hoping for and I’m just thrilled that we are getting to this point.”  :17

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ERICKA CARLSON, publisher of ediblePortland, says the first year of Celebrate Oregon Agriculture has been very successful in telling the story to all Oregonians:

“Really focusing on the key message we want people to know about– the bounty of agriculture in our state, what it means for them to support local growers, a lot of that economic message, I find really powerful. I think people don’t always connect the dots and this program has allowed them to connect the dots. So that’s exciting for me.”  :17

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