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Noxious weeds a problem in all regions of the state

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Governor Kitzhaber has proclaimed the week of May 19th as Oregon Invasive Weed Awareness Week and it takes the help of everyone to battle these unwanted invaders:

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For the ninth consecutive year, the issue of noxious weeds in Oregon has prompted the Governor to issue a proclamation dedicating a week to raising awareness of a problem that reaches all regions of the state:

BUTLER: “This year’s theme is HELP– habitat, environment, and land protection. Basically, that’s looking at how the public and cooperators out there can help protect Oregon’s wildlife, natural environment, and agricultural lands by controlling invasive weeds.”  :18

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Tim Butler manages the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Noxious Weed Control Program. He says it really does take a team approach in the war against weeds:

BUTLER: “We’re working at multiple levels throughout the state on trying to control, first of all prevent, and control invasive weeds.”  :09

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The public can play a key role by looking out for invasive weeds and avoid unwittingly spreading weeds to uninfested areas. The governor’s proclamation notes that the economic impact of just 21 noxious weeds in Oregon has an annual 83 million dollar impact on the state’s economy. That’s why an awareness campaign is so important. In Salem, I’m Bruce Pokarney.

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BUTLER says when it comes to invasive noxious weeds in Oregon, it’s important to have early detection and rapid response because it’s either pay now or pay later:

“These invasive plants have a tremendous impact on our natural resources and particularly agriculture in the state. If we can get in and keep these things in check, it is, both in an economic and biological perspective, a wise thing to do.”  :19

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BUTLER says Weed Awareness Week provides a special opportunity to reach out to all Oregonians on an important issue:

“It’s a good way to get the information out every year to keep it in front of the public so everyone understands that they have a vested interest in protection our precious natural resources.”  :13

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