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Oregon provides super taste for Super Bowl Sunday

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From beer and chips to nuts and cheese, Oregon agriculture offers an array of foods and beverages for Super Bowl Sunday:

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While the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos, party-goers will pile their plates and satisfy their palates with a variety of foods and beverages that likely have their origin from Oregon:

BARTON:  “Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most fun events to really showcase what we grow and produce here in Oregon. We Oregonians can actually have one of the tastiest Super Bowl parties around that really does include what we grow and harvest.”  :18

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Laura Barton of the Oregon Department of Agriculture says it starts off with the usual football beverage of choice:

BARTON:  “It is one of the larger events for beer consumption. So if folks are having a beer– whether it’s a national beer or an Oregon craft beer, which we love, it will be having some Oregon hops in it.”  :13

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More than 90 percent of the nation’s hops are grown in Washington and Oregon. Some party-goers may opt for Oregon wine or fruit punch made from delicious juices of locally-grown berries. Potato chips? Oregon is a major producer of chipping potatoes. Several Oregon companies offer dips and salsas. Oregon cheese and salted or flavored hazelnuts will also find their way to the snack table. More than 125 million Americans participate in Super Bowl parties each year. A good number of them will be getting a taste of Oregon. In Salem, I’m Bruce Pokarney.

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BARTON says that Oregon is a major producer of chipping potatoes, used to make potato chips. But there are a number of Oregon companies, like Reser’s Find Foods, that produce the things that go with chips:

“We have a great track record because some of our local producers of things like salsas and dips have gone national. So you’ll find them all over the country now and not just here in Oregon.”  :12

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BARTON says the Super Bowl is much more than just a football game now, eclipsed only by Thanksgiving in terms of food and beverage consumption:

“The event has really grown over the years from just being a sporting event to becoming one of the big party events of the year where certainly a lot of food and beverages are consumed.”  :11

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