Suppression and Eradication Programs

​Gypsy moth

IPPM did not catch any European or Asian Gypsy moths in 2013, therefore no eradication will occur in 2014. However, detection traps were placed throughout many parts of the state beginning in May 2014.

Japanese​​ beetle

Japanese beetle eradication project at PDX and vicinity for 2014

IPPM trapped 25 Japanese beetles in 2013, all at PDX and vicinity:

  • Airport Way leading up to the terminal, 8 beetles
  • Air National Guard, 5 beetles
  • Airtrans Center, 6 beetles
  • Argyle St., 6 beetles
IPPM will conduct eradication programs at all four sites:

  • May 2014: One application of Acelepryn targeting grub stage of the beetle
  • July-August 2014: Three applications of Tempo targeting adult stage, with two weeks interval between applications
  • Airport Way and Argyle St. will receive full eradication treatments
  • Air National Guard and Airtrans Center will receive only one Accelepryn treatment​​


Grasshopper suppression

Oregon participates in a federal program to monitor, and suppress when necessary, grasshoppers and Mormon crickets. Even though not all grasshopper species are pests, outbreaks can vary in their magnitude and geographic expanse. Early intervention can dampen the severity of an outbreak cycle.

Grasshopper survey report

The 2013 Oregon grasshopper survey season showed that the grasshopper population continues its decline from a high in 2011. Approximately 0.87 million acres across 15 counties in eastern Oregon were estimated to be economically infested. 

Oregon grasshopper densities



Grasshopper & Mormon Cricket information-USDA


Grasshopper Density Map


Grasshopper Report

Grasshopper Report Summary (full) Document

Grasshopper Report Summary

Grasshopper Report Summary (brief) Document

Gypsy Moth Eradication Program Overview

Basic information about gypsy moth eradication Document

Gypsy Moth in Oregon

Yearly summary report for Oregon's gypsy moth trapping and eradication program Document

Imidacloprid Technical Fact Sheet

Information on Imidacloprid from the National Pesticide Information Center. Document

Japanese Beetle in Oregon

Yearly summary report for Oregon's Japanese beetle trapping and eradication program Document

Japanese Beetle: A Major Pest of Plants


Tempo: Pesticide Information Profile

Cyfluthrin is the active ingredient in many insecticide products including Tempo and Tempo H. Website



Gypsy Moth and Japanese Beetle

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