Market Access Certification and Inspection


The Certification Program provides voluntary, third-party verification and certification for a variety of standards and processes in agricultural production. Certification and audit services are designed to help producers and handlers meet market access needs and differentiate their product in the marketplace. In addition to established programs, custom audit services are available upon request.


  • Good Agricultural and Good Handling Practices (GAP/GHP)
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • National Organic Program
  • Weed Free Forage

Phytosanitary certificate and inspe​​ction

When fresh products are exported, an inspection and phytosanitary certificate is usually required. By working cooperatively with the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, ODA has the ability to inspect and certify that fresh products are free from pests or diseases that would otherwise prohibit movement into a foreign country. Products inspected include fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts.

Seed services

The Commodity Inspection Program increases customer confidence in the Oregon seed industry through regulatory activities that assist in maintaining the credibility of the industry.

  • Seed sampling
  • Seed licenses
  • Treatment/blend verification & witness of fumigation
  • Slow-pay/no pay
  • Weight check verification
  • Endophyte free & sod quality tags
  • Recordkeeping


Shipping ​point inspection

ODA facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. The Oregon Shipping Point Inspection Program provides competent and highly skilled staff to certify Oregon commodities.

  • Third-party grading
    • Produce is often purchased directly from producers on a contractual basis with grade, size, maturity, and other quality stipulations defined in the contract. ODA provides unbiased official sampling, grading, and certification, giving confidence of fairness and equity to each party's interest.
  • Alternative inspection programs
    • Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) federal/state inspectors from ODA train the customer's inspection staff to perform inspections using federal and state grade standards, inspection techniques, and procedures. Grades and procedures are verified and certified under an audit-based system by FSIS.

Hops ins​pection

All varieties of hops in the state of Oregon must be inspected for quality and condition of seed, leaf, and stem content prior to marketing, processing, or accepting by first purchaser, as required by OAR 643-010-0025, under the Oregon Hop Commission. Inspection is conducted under standards established by the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS).


  • Senate Bill 676, passed by the 2009 Oregon Legislature, authorizes production and handling of industrial hemp in Oregon. 
  • ODA appointed and has met several times with a Rules Advisory Committee for Industrial Hemp. The committee is comprised of potential growers and handlers of industrial hemp, representatives from Oregon State University and Oregon State Police, and representative staff from the offices of State Senator Floyd Prozanski and US Representative Earl Blumenauer.
  • The committee is assisting ODA with writing proposed regulations that allow for the establishment of an industrial hemp industry in Oregon, while meeting the confines of state law and federal scrutiny. The committee also assists in planning an inspection and testing program, which will be paid for by the users of the service.
  • ODA is working to have these proposed rules finalized and to schedule a public hearing with the goal of implementing a program for industrial hemp by late winter, 2015. ​
  • Sign up for the industrial hemp listserve to receive e-mail correspondence regarding industry implementation and regulation.


Industrial Hemp Rules Advisory Committee Meeting Summary 1


Industrial Hemp Rules Advisory Committee Meeting Summary 2


Industrial Hemp Rules Advisory Committee Meeting Summary 3


Oregon Produce Standards

ORS 603-051 Law or rule

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)


USDA Quality Standards




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