Market Access Certification and Inspection

The Commodity Inspection Program offers official verification of seed, seed processes, fumigation of seed, and seed package counts and weights to facilitate the movement of commodities in the domestic and international markets. Official letters of verification are provided to fulfill export, contract, or customer requirements that include a need for an independent third party or official government review.

Verification services include the following:

  • Seed treatment verification
  • Seed blend/mix verification
  • Verification of the fumigation of seed shipments
  • Seed package weight verification
  • Shipment count/quantity verification

Steps to receive official verification letter 

  1. Determine which verification is required
  2. Get seed and process equipment available and ready, do not start process
  3. Request service from ODA using the blend/mix/treatment request form
  4. ODA reviews information and approves the initiation of seed process
  5. ODA provides an official letter
  6. Complete treatment/blending of seed
  7. Complete the information on the official letter
  8. Notify ODA of completed process by fax or email
  9. ODA verifies the seed process and the seed lot and issues official verification letter

Helpful tips 

  • Provide complete information when requesting service including the contact person and the person who will be responsible​ for the seed process
  • Have the seed lot and process materials easily accessible when the ODA inspector arrives.
  • Provide the ODA inspector with a worksheet/blendsheet. Include lot information and calculations of the treatment/blend.
  • Check the official letter to make sure it matches the lot information and treatment/blend information provided when the process was initiated.
  • Do not begin process until an authorized ODA inspector has reviewed and approved the process. Verification letters will not be granted for processes completed prior to authorization.


International Seed Testing Association website


Oregon Seed Council

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Seed treatment/blend/fumigation form




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