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The Smoke Management Program of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) administers the rules for field burning in the Willamette Valley. 

The program roles are as follows:

  • Coordinate, register, and distribute burn permits
  • Authorize burning activities during the field burning season
  • Provide ground surveillance during burn activities
  • Monitor acreage burned and collect burn fees
  • Enforce the rules that govern open field burning of grass and cereal grain in the North Willamette Valley

Burning and restrictions

ODA regulates grass seed and cereal grain burning. 

Burning types include the following:

  • Open field burning 
  • Test fires 
  • Training fires 
  • Preparatory "prep" burning  
​Read the burning and restrictions document for burning type definitions.


  • Field burning: Issued for grass seed and cereal grain growers in the North Willamette Valley
  • Agricultural burning: Contact us to find out if you qualify

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Burning Questions: A guide to burning regulations in the Willamette Valley

Q & A of burning rules Document

California Air Resources Board


Idaho Department of Environmental Quality


Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority (LRAPA)


OAR 340 Division 200: DEQ general air pollution procedures

Rules relating to air pollution Law or rule

OAR 340 Division 264: DEQ rules for open burning

Rules related to open burning Law or rule

OAR 603 Division 77: ODA field burning rules

Rules relating to Field Burning Law or rule

OAR 837 Division 110: State fire marshal rules for field burning

Rules relating to Field Burning Law or rule

Office of the State Fire Marshal


Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)


Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)


Oregon Environmental Quality Commission (EQC)


Oregon Seed Council (OSC)


ORS 468A ODA Air Quality

Statutes relating to air quality Law or rule

Seed Crops Extension at OSU


US Department of Agriculture


US Environmental Protection Agency


Washington State Department of Ecology



​​More info from ODA


Grower hotline (agricultural burning)
Phone: 503-986-4755
Smoke comment hotline (Salem)
Phone: 503-986-4709
Information line
Phone: 503-986-4701
John Byers
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4718
Anne Friend
Registration and Permitting Coordinator
Phone: 503-986-4794
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