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To commercially grow shellfish in waters of the State of Oregon, you must apply for a lease of a shellfish plat (ORS 622.210-220).

Cultivation fees and use taxes

  • $14 for each approved acre leased and $5 for each prohibited acre leased
  • 10 cents per gallon, if sold by the gallon
  • 10 cents per bushel, if sold in the shell by the bushel
  • One cent per dozen, if​ sold by the dozen


Information for shellfish plat application

Shellfish plat information

OAR 603 Division 100: Shellfish Sanitation

Rules relating to Shellfish Sanitation Oregon administrative rules: Shellfish sanitation

OAR 603 Division 82: Oyster, clam and mussel leases

Rules relating to Shellfish Plat Leasing Oregon administrative rules: Oyster, clam, and mussel leases

Shellfish plat application

Shellfish plat application for state-owned estuary lands. Shellfish plat application

Shellfish plat production annual report (2016)

Shellfish plat production report


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