Oregon's public meetings and records laws are the foundation for open and transparent government. The Oregon form of government requires an informed public be aware of the deliberations and decisions of governing bodies and the information upon which decisions are made. The public is entitled to know how the public's business is being conducted.

All conservation districts should obtain a copy of the Attorney General’s Public Records and Public Meetings Manual. The public records and meetings manual is revised after each legislative session. To stay current with changes in the law, conservation districts should obtain the most recent copy of the manual. Copies can be purchased from the Oregon Department of Justice or downloaded from the website.

Public meetings law

Attorney General's Public Records and Public Meetings Manual


Executive session checklist


Fact Sheet: SWCD Public Meetings Law

SWCD Public Meetings Law handout

Sample Annual Meeting Resolution


​​Public records law

Attorney General's Public Records and Public Meetings Manual


Fact Sheet: SWCD Public Records Law

SWCD Public Records Law handout

General Records Retention Schedule for counties and Special Districts

OAR Division 150. Retention schedule of public records for SWCDs. Law or rule



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