Pesticides and PARC

Need to file a report of loss? 

Report of alleged loss due to pesticides form (2007)

Use this form to claim a loss from the use of a pesticide (including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, defoliants, desiccants or plant growth regulators) by a commercial operator. Document


Pesticide Incident Complaint Form PDF

Version of submittable form as a pdf. Document
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Concerned About a Pesticide Application?

What to do and whom to call if exposed or concerned about pesticides. Document
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Pesticide Investigator District Map


What To Do If You Are Exposed to Pesticides

A list of steps to take if you are exposed to pesticides. Document

Pesticide Marketplace Inspections





More information

Pesticide Analytical and Response Center 


Pesticides Program
Phone: 503-986-4635
Fax: 503-986-4735

Dale Mitchell
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4646
Mike Odenthal
Lead Pesticide Investigator
Phone: 503-986-4655
Michael Babbitt
Enforcement / Case Review
Phone: 503-986-4698
Ben Beeles
Pesticide Investigator
Phone: 503-986-5140
Christy Brown
Pesticide Investigator
Phone: 503-986-4652
Cory Cooley
Pesticide Investigator, Central Oregon, Columbia River Region
Phone: 541-564-5962
Matt Dowless
Pesticide Investigator, Southern Willamette Valley / Mid-Coast Region
Phone: 541-255-8968
Ann Ketter
Enforcement / Case Review
Phone: 503-986-6466
Jaspal (Paul) Khokhar
Pesticide Investigator, Southern Willamette Valley / Mid-Coast Region
Phone: 503-508-3391
Sean Kretovics
Pesticide Investigator, Eastern Oregon Region
Phone: 541-406-9616
Devon Luthy
Pesticide Investigator, Southwest Oregon Region
Phone: 541-840-8229
Jenny Marin
Pesticide Investigator
Phone: 503-986-4653
Brent Nicolas
Pesticide Investigator, Central Oregon Region
Phone: 541-617-6073
Nolan Quinn
Pesticide Compliance, Enforcement Support
Phone: 503-986-4639
Andrea Sonnen
Enforcement / Case Review
Phone: 503-986-5154
Isaak Stapleton
Pesticide Investigator
Phone: 503-986-4650