Pesticide Product Information

Pesticide products need to be registered in the state of Oregon annually. The registration year ends December 31.


Discontinuance/Cancellation of Pesticide Registrations in Oregon

Requirement for maintaining pesticide registrations in Oregon Document

Pesticide Policy Notice

Policies relating to federal supplemental labels and 2(ee) bulletins. Document

Pesticide product registration application - editable pdf (2010)

This form is required to register pesticide products for sale or distribution in Oregon. Document

Registration of 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticides

Guidelines for registration of 25(b) products in Oregon. Document

Section 18 of FIFRA - Guideline for pesticide emergency exemptions (2001)

This publication outlines the process for submitting an application for a Section 18 Emergency Exemption. It details the conditions and data required for an application to be reviewed. Document

Section 24(c) SLN guidelines - Requirements to obtain a special local need pesticide registration

This publication describes the requirements and process for applying for a Section 24(c) registration Document



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