Pesticide Product Information

Pesticide products need to be registered in the state of Oregon annually. The registration year ends Dec. 31. 

New For 2017 Oregon Pesticide Registrations:

See our Oct. 24, 2016, letter​ for information about 2017 registrations and renewals. 

Updated Guidelines — Transition to All Electronic Registrations/Labels: See our letter regarding phase-out of paper registration applications and labels (with exceptions), effective August 1, 2017. 

Guidelines for Registrants — Online Registrations

Transition to all electronic registration information

​​Paper Registration Applications: Paper applications must still be submitted for initial product registrations for new companies that do not have an active PPR license in our online system:

Pesticide Product Registration (PPR) Application

Pesticide product registration form


Discontinuance/Cancellation of Pesticide Registrations in Oregon

Requirement for maintaining pesticide registrations in Oregon. Discontinuance/cancellation of pesticide registrations letter

Oregon Registration Guidance: “Readily Distinguishable” Products

Guidance on when pesticide products require a separate registration. “Readily distinguishable” products guidance letter

Pesticide Policy Notice: Federal Supplemental Labels and 2(ee) Bulletins

Federal supplemental labels and 2(ee) bulletins letter

Registration of 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticides

Registration of 25(b) products guidelines

Section 18 of FIFRA - Guideline for pesticide emergency exemptions

This publication outlines the process for submitting an application for a Section 18 Emergency Exemption. It details the conditions and data required for an application to be reviewed. Pesticide emergency exemptions information

Section 24(c) SLN guidelines - Requirements to obtain a special local need pesticide registration

This publication describes the requirements and process for applying for a Section 24(c) registration Section 24(c) SLN information



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