Plant Conservation

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is involved in many plant conservation projects throughout the state. ODA assists land owners managing listed plant species on their property and works to support recovery goals for Oregon's listed species.​


Arrow-leaf thelypody report

Population assessments and site observations for Thelypodium eucosmum in east-central Oregon Document

Cook's lomatium report

Report on recovery protocols for Lomatium cookii (Cook's lomatium) Document

Evaluating allelopathic effects of pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) on two native plant species (2008)


Gentner's fritillary report

Annual program performance report for Fritillaria gentneri cultivation and outplanting in 2013 Document

Hairy popcornflower report

Recovering Plagiobothrys hirtus through creation of new populations in protected sites: Year 2 of 3 Document

Howell's spectacular thelypody 2009 report

Monitoring introduced populations of Thelypodium howellii ssp. spectabilis (Howell's spectacular thelypody) at Baldock Slough 2009 Report Document

Kalmiopsis report

Pre and post-fire monitoring of Kalmiopsis fragrans on the Umpqua National Forest 2012 progress report Document

Malheur wirelettuce report

Malheur wirelettuce (Stephanomeria malheurensis) reintroduction and seed bulking: 2011 recovery efforts Document

Northern wormwood report

Population creation as a recovery tool for the federal candidate Artemisia campestris var. wormskioldii Phase Two: Large scale outplanting Years 1 and 2 Document

Northern wormwood report addendum

Population creation as a recovery tool for the federal candidate Artemisia campestris var. wormskioldii Phase Two: Large scale outplanting Years 1 and 2 Addendum Document

Oregon semaphore grass report

Preventing the listing of Pleuropogon oregonus, Oregon's rarest grass - large scale outplanting in protected sites: Year 1 (2011) Document

Peck's milkvetch report

Astragalus peckii disturbance ecology study 2008 Final Report Document

Popcornflowers of the Umpqua River watershed: distinguishing rare and common species (2007)


Pumice grape-fern report

Responses of Botrychium pumicola to habitat manipulation in forested sites in South-central Oregon Document

Red root yampah report

Annual program performance report for habitat management and monitoring of Perideridia erythrorhiza (red root yampah) 2011 Document

Spalding's campion report

Monitoring and habitat improvement of the federally threatened and state endangered species Silene spaldingii (Year 2 of 3) Document

Threatened and endangered vascular plants of Oregon: An illustrated guide (1982)

This publication is often referred to as the "Green Book" and includes summaries and illustrations of the Oregon vascular plant taxa listed, proposed for listing, or under review in 1982. Document

Western lily report

Recovery-based propagation and outplanting of Lilium occidentale: preparation for outplanting Year 3 (2011) Document

Willamette Valley prairie plant introduction protocols

Developing biogeographically based population introduction protocols for at-risk Willamette Valley plant species Document

Willamette Valley prairie plant population density estimate report

Developing population density estimates for nine rare Willamette Valley prairie species Document

Willamette Valley prairie plant survey and monitoring protocols

Developing standardized survey and monitoring protocols for four threatened and endangered Willamette Valley prairie plant species Final Report Document

Wolf's evening primrose report

Investigating the potential of using Wolf's evening primrose (Oenothera wolfii) in watershed revegetation efforts in Coos and Curry counties, Oregon Document



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