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Laboratory fees

The following fees and charges are for laboratory or other testing services including sample processing, analysis, and issuance of certificates or official reports. The basic fee for official, regulatory, and service samples is established at $70.00 per hour, with a minimum fee of $35.00. 

  • Spore wash and microscopic examination per fungal species: $50
  • Fifty-seed stain and immunoblot for endophyte: $85
  • Seed, soil or tissue test for nematodes: $35
  • Visual exam for regulated pests: $60 for pesticide treated seed and $50 for untreated seed
  • Visual exam for regulated contaminants: $45
  • Visual exam for regulated pests and regulated contaminants: $70
  • Isolation on standard growth media: $35
  • Growth media pH and conductivity: $35
  • Seed grow out for bacteria: $140
  • ELISA for virus detection in seed: $140
  • Molecular analysis for regulated pests: $140

Endophyte fungus testing 

Submit an application for testing, which includes consent for ODA to enter the applicant's premises in order to obtain seed samples for testing purposes. Samples may be collected by the grower or by an official inspector such as a Nursery Program horticulturist. 

At the time the seed samples are obtained, the applicant must pay ODA a fee as listed in OAR 603-052-1150. 

Virus certification program 

The fee for participation in the virus certification program for Oregon nursery stock growers is $200.00 annually per participating nursery. 

Fees for ELISA testing:

  • $10.00 per sample per Ilarvirus (prunus necrotic ring spot virus, prune dwarf virus, and apple mosaic virus) test requested
  • $7.00 per sample per tomato ring spot virus test requested
  • $7.00 per sample per each additional virus test requested


General diagnostic request form (2015)


Nematode testing services


OAR 603-052-1150: Control Areas and Procedures

Law or rule

Ornamental and fruit tree virus certification services


Plant diagnostic services


Virus certification and testing services




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