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Export seed testing brochure

Export seed testing services, fees, and turn around times. Brochure

FAQ: Permanent Rule for Blackleg Disease Prevention in the Willamette Valley

Oregon Department of Agriculture adopted amendments to OAR 603-052-0870 to protect crucifer crops (Brassicaceae) grown throughout the state of Oregon from Blackleg. Document

Field inspection application

This application form is a general form used for ALL field disease inspections. Form
Shawn Meng, Plant Pathologist

Field inspection services


General diagnostic request form (2015)


Nematode testing brochure

About nematodes and nematode testing services Brochure

Ornamental and fruit tree virus certification services


Plant diagnostic services brochure

Guidelines for collecting and submitting samples including tests and fees. Brochure

Plant Health Program services


Virus certification & testing services brochure

Offering official testing and certification programs to provide virus-tested fruit tree nursery stock, blueberry nursery stock and other plant products (e.g. seeds and vegetables) for domestic and export markets. Brochure