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A new forest management plan for state forests in northwest Oregon is on the horizon. Crafting a plan that delivers a balanced budget to provide services that benefit communities and the environment, improves conservation, and achieves healthy, productive forests is a dynamic and complex process. It involves extensive research and field work, collaborative policy discussions with a range of partners, and a commitment to finding the right mix of long-term solutions.

In response to Board of Forestry direction, State Forest Division staff are working hard on a new management approach called "land allocation." This strategy would focus portions of the forest on timber production and others on conservation. 

In August, the FMP Subcommittee will meet to share initial model results -- essentially a forecast for how a particular management approach might work -- for a land allocation approach. Staff will present possible conservation measures and seek feedback from the Subcommittee as we work towards establishing conservation and production emphasis areas in state forestlands. 

"We're taking the necessary time to get the plan right by collaborating with partners and staff, who continue to work hard and invest their expertise," said Josh Barnard, FMP project leader. A new plan is scheduled for consideration in 2016.​




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