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​The Oregon Board of Forestry is a seven-member citizen Board is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate.​ The mission of the Board is to lead Oregon in implementing policies and programs that promote sustainable management of Oregon's public and private forests.​​Their primary responsibilities are to:







  • Supervises all matters of forest policy within Oregon
  • Appoints the State Forester
  • Adopts rules regulating forest practices
  • Provides general supervision of the State Forester's duties in managing ODF



No more than three members may receive any significant portion of their income from the forest products industry. At least one member must reside in each of the state´s three major forest regions northern, southern, and eastern. The term of office is four years and no member may serve more than two consecutive full terms. The State Forester serves as secretary to the Board.

  • Alternative Forest Management Plans: A subcommittee of the Board determining a new forest management plan for Northwest Oregon state forests.

  • Federal Forests: A subcommittee of the Board of Forestry focused on issues of federal forest policy and connecting the Board with the Governor's Office, the Congressional Delegation, the Oregon Legislature, and others on this critical topic.​

Work plans focus on important issues and strengthen the Board’s ability to be an effective policy making body and direct the department’s work.


Tom Imeson, Chair

Location: Portland, Oregon
Term Expires: 12/12/2020

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Sybil Acker​man-Munson

Location: Damascus, Oregon
Term Expires: 06/30/2018
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Cindy Deac​on Williams

Location: Medford, Oregon
Term Expires: 02/29/2020
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Nils Christoffersen

Location: Enterprise, Oregon
Term Expires: 02/29/2020

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Tom Insko

Location: La Grande, Oregon
Term Expires: 02/29/2020

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Mike Rose

Location: Elkton, Oregon
Term Expires: 12/12/2020

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Photo of Board of Forestry presentation in the field




Join the discussion about Oregon's forests by providing your input to the Board.















Board S​upport Office
2600 State Street
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-945-7210​