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The purpose of the advisory committee is to collaboratively discuss and provide feedback on the draft Forest Practices Act (FPA) rule language to implement the Board of Forestry’s (Board) November 2015 decision on elements of the final riparian prescription package for new riparian protection standards for small and medium fish streams. The committee will also provide recommendations associated with fiscal impact of the rules. The 13-member Riparian Rulemaking Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from affected agencies, regional forest practices committees, small woodland owners, the conservation community, and industrial forestland owners.
NOTE: The Board of Forestry approved proposed language from staff and this Advisory Committee at their September 2016 meeting. Please click on this link to view:
and scroll down to 2. Action and Information. The Division rule documents proposed are under that category. Future information on this topic including the Public Open House/Hearing schedule will be posted in October under Laws and Rules/Proposed Rules.
  • Gene Foster representing DEQ - Jennifer Wigal, Alternate
  • Bruce McIntosh representing ODF&W - Jon Bowers, Alternate
  • Mike Barnes representing NWRFPC  - Randy Silbernagel, Alternate
  • Dana Kjos representing SWRPPC - Sanford Hillman, Alternate
  • Jim James representing OSWA/Tree Farm - Scott Hayes, Alternate
  • Dick Courter representing small forestland owners - Rick Barnes, Alternate
  • Mary Scurlock representing Oregon Stream Protection Coalition 
  • Rod Sando representing Northwest Sportfishing Industry Assoc.
  • Bob Van Dyk - representing the Wild Salmon Center 
  • Rex Storm representing Assoc. Oregon Loggers - Jim Geisinger, Alternate
  • Seth Barnes representing OFIC - Health Curtiss, Alternate
  • Kevin Godbout representing Forest Industry - Alternate TBD
  • Randy Hereford representing Forest Industry - Paul Betts, Alternate
  • DS Consulting, Facilitators


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