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The Stewardship Coordinating Committee (SCC) advises the State Forester on policies and procedures for U.S. Forest Service, State and Private Forestry Programs such as Forest Legacy and Forest Stewardship. The committee consists of representatives from state and federal natural resource agencies, private forest landowners, consulting foresters and forest industry and conservation organizations.

The SCC also serves as the forestry subcommittee to the Oregon Technical Advisory Committee – which advises both the USDA Farm Services Agency and USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service on federal farm and forestry assistance programs.  In 2010, the SCC advised ODF in its completion of the Oregon's Statewide Forest Assessment and Resource Strategy. 

  • Seth Barnes, representing Oregon Forest Resources Council
  • Scott Hayes, representing OR Tree Farm System
  • Clint Bentz, Representative Northwest Landowner
  • Kelley Beamer, Representing Conservation
  • Dick Courter, Representative Consulting Forester
  • Lena Tucker, Representing State Agency, 
  • CalLee Davenport, Representing Federal Agency
  • Eric Hartstein, Representing Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
  • Morgan Holen, Representing Oregon Community Trees
  • Jim James, Representing Family Forestlands
  • Gary Jensen, Representing Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Commission
  • Jim Johnson, Representing Forestry Extension
  • Rod Krahmer, Representing State Agency ODFW
  • Dan Logan, Representing Landowner At Large
  • Karl Dalla Rosa, Representing USFS State & Private Forestry 
  • Brad Siemens, Representing USFS State and Private Forestry
  • Jon Weck, Representing Eastside Landowner
  • Kelly Worley, Representing Farm Service Agency
  • Owen Wozniak, Representing Land Trusts

Representation for Forest Industry, Conservation (1) and County Commissioners are currently Vacant.​

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For the SCC Charter see pages 9,10,11 of the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act​.


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